Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ooohh nearly the weekend!!

Well nearer than yesterday!!!!!

And its been a funny couple of days since getting back from Scarbados. Things have been happening that are making me think that there is light at the end of the tunnel, the next couple of weeks will be the decider on this score.

I will tell more when or if things take shape. Mysterious??????? not really just not putting all my eggs in one 'cricnic' hamper!

Right on to yesterday.

I had to 'suffer' another day of singing in the office, it wouldn't be so bad if Trill Boy can sing, but the flat monotone that comes out of his cake hole is enough to send a sane Lady loopy!!!! That and the fact that he doesn't know the words to half the songs he is 'singing' add to my frustration.

Never to be forgotten lyrics, from yesterday,  the classic 'Ziggy Stardust' by David Bowie
* sung at full monotone volume*

      'Making love to his eagle'

wooooooo forgive me for saying this, but if they had been the lyrics I doubt that this song would ever had had an airing on Radio One!!!!!!!!!

The day did not go quickly enough though and I found that the only way to get through it was to lock myself away in my office and do some archiving................................yes I do some work now and again!!!

However the prospect of T20 cricket on TV was a bonus when I got home and I had dinner made in a jiffy ready to sat down and watch.

It was Sussex v Northants, neither being teams that raise an eyebrow usually in the chateau, but last night was very different.

Northants took to the field and David Willey  had a great bowling spell with figures of 3-27. Sussex were 165-7 after their 20 overs.

Willey then came in to bat and sort of took over. At one stage hitting Michael Yardy for 34 in one over, he was in unbelievable form, he brought up his century with 10 sixes and 7 fours, and then was out to Tymal Mills.

It was great T20 cricket and saw Northamptonshire through to the Finals day!!!!

And on the commentary they were talking about His Royal Ryanness..................making comment about his age and being 'an old war horse' and ' he is still going too' very dare they?????

He may be a tad older than some of the players on the circuit but he is still fit and can bowl like a demon and has lovely hair ( hahahaha)

There is more cricket any work needing to be done here will be sorted between 5.00pm and 6.30pm.

OOOhhhhhh and I think that I finally have found a window cleaner...............he is supposed to be coming tonight to give me a quote.

Now that's quite exciting.

Right I am off and away.

Until tomorrow...........................

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