Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday in Scarbados

Good morning from grey and windy Scarbados,which  after the last two scorchio days is a bit of a relief. I am now sporting a serious 'cric tan' which now means that the chances of me wearing  a frock for the rest of the summer is nil.
I am not complaining though as I have had the best weekend.......

So I know you are all dying to know what happened.......
well it is going to be pint sized again as I now have no WiFi in the hotel despite their promises it would be sorted. So I am now trying to get this out via my mobile and if you spot the typos....well sorry!!!.

Before I went to the ground yesterday I had a detour to meet my great Twitter pals at The Atlanta on Columbus Ravine. I went for tea and toast and was actually treated to a 'Yorkshire Breakfast', which was amazing!!!!!!  Check them out a great place and the nicest people. I will be booking to stay there next cricket season thats for sure.

Ok enough stalling. Yorkshire were in batting and I was hoping for no 'heart in mouth' stuff because to be honest I was not sure that my virus battered heart Could take much more.......but it had to. Lees went,Gale Leaning &Hodd went and we were looking in trouble. Then Glenn Maxwell & Adil Rashid stepped up. They were level pegging on runs  and the Glenn changed gear and hit his half century then his century and went on 140. Adil then decided he wanted a standing ovation and he sure got that. The pair also made a 200 run stand.
And so it continued, after looking like the innings could be over by lunch, by close of play with His Royal Ryanness at the crease we are back at it today.

Other cricket news.
England won the Ashes. Which is brilluant news a huge boost for English cricket. Have theyfinally found the 'ideal' team?. Well only time will tell.

I am now debating whether or not to wash the orange birdsnest,  what to wear and which shoes to put on ( the shoe
 tan on my feet  Is not changing from day to day as I change my sandals).
Right got lots to do but only one place to go.........North Marine Road I am on my way

See some of you there

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