Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Well the fun is over.

Yes for another year the fun is over and I now realise that I have only a handful of matches to attend. After the fun filled weekend today seems like an anti climax. More so as I am going back to a desk strewn with papers and mess ( after leaving boys alone for 2 working days).

However yesterday morning I woke up in Scarbados for the last time for this year and made the most of it. i.e had a bath. This also could be for the last time this year.  And before you jump to the wrong conclusion, I only have a shower in The Chateau, however I hope that this will all change next year, when I will have a super swanky bath tub installed.

However I digress, after having a long soak in the  gorgeous bathroom, I packed up my things and headed off to hand in my key, only to nearly bump into Glenn Maxwell, well after the  'little incident' with my key at Headingley I hung onto it very tightly.

I decided to have one last coffee before heading over to see Dame Didi.

Sipping my coffee and thinking miserably about the week ahead, I glanced up to and saw Gillespie the Gallant,  he came over to talk and was as charming as ever. Neither of us mentioned  the 'c' word and I am holding fire with it for another week or two.

I wandered up to my car and set off to head to Chateau Saltburn, where the Dame had prepared lunch for us both.

I got back to the my ch√Ęteau, early afternoon and unpacked, did washing, got it dried, put weed and feed on the lawns and then by 8pm when total boredom had sunk in, I went to bed. The children across the road were still out playing!!.

Other news, Middlesex are creeping up on points again in the championship table so it could be a thriller when Yorkshire go to Lords ( and  I am hoping to be there too).

Hampshire, former besty home county in the South have signed South African all rounder Ryan McLaren for the remainder of the season. He will be replacing Jackson Bird ( great name) and may make his debut in the match against Durham in early  September.

Well time is hurrying along and I DO NOT want to go to work. However just to recap on the weekend.

The wonderful people that I have met, especially the amazing hosts of The Atlanta Guest House, so close to the cricket ground you can hear every roar, and the most amazing breakfast I have had in a long time. Well worth checking them out and checking in!!!!!

A weekend of scorching weather ( I have a proper 'cric tan' to prove it) and great cricket.

What more could a Lady want............................................well I would like to be able to go and watch all season long but that is  another story!!

Right off to face the mess, drink copious amounts of coffee and shout at boys for no other reason than I can!!!!

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