Wednesday, 30 September 2015

mid week and the pain is hideous

Well it's Wednesday and we are finally midweek, my elbows are more hurty than ever and I am tireder than the tiredest person in tiredville.

And moany too, and my mood is not going to improve when I walk through the doors of Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, it could all kick off today.
However the fact that my elbows hurt so much has to bode well for 'office boys' as I cannot throw, swing or strike anything.

However that's all to come later.

Yesterday I was busy on my top secret mission which was all completed  at about 10pm last night, very exciting but also 26 weeks away, not that I am counting you understand.
To say that I am super excited about this, is am understatement.
More about that nearer the time.

I also have a super day to look forwards to in August next year when Lashings XI will be doing their thing at Darlington CC. The table is coming along nicely and that should be a great day out.

You see the season might be over but I am putting things into place now ready for next season.

Still no word on the Phil Simmons affair but hopefully things will get sorted as the West Indies seem to be in constant disarray.

The England boys are all preparing to fly out to the UAE in preparation  for 5th October and their first match against Pakistan.

OOOOHHH and I forgot to say I have all the details for my course to qualify as an ECB scorer.

As someone told me recently
'You are a cricket tragic'

Tragically I am off to the office now, armed with painkillers.

Unitl tomorrow.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I'm a Lady get me out of here

Oh my dog!!!!!!! I was out of Super Swanky Lady Lainey office for 3 days and I return to complete 'boysville'.

Yes I spent most of yesterday being subjected to tales of football ( a real no no ).
Tales of 'goings on' at home  ( a definate no no).
And the worst constant wind breaking competition ever ( NO NO NO!!!).
 I cannot believe that in three days they had turned from'little boys' to savages, it is 'Lord of the Flies' ( or Lord of the Pies judging by all the 'Taylors' carrier bags in the cleaners cupboard!)but in an office. My goodness if I had been away any longer they would have used Pony Pauls glasses to set fire to their drawings.

I am seriously hoping that I can retire soon because I am not sure that another year with those three will do me any good.

What did do me good though was the news that filtered through from The Cricket Writers Lunch.
The hacks had only decided that Jonny Bairstow was their player of the year. And quite rightly I say.

They also announced that The Lovely Jack Leaning was the Young player of the year.( little swoon from Her Ladyship there )

Well  no arguing with that either and I know that @mrsonthemount will be jolly glad that our two 'little friends' from the T20  did so well.

THEN I read that Phil Simmons has been suspended as the coach of the West Indies!!!  What on earth had he been up to?????
Well he had been critcal of the selections for the team.
I would have thought that as Coach he could  had  some input but it doesn't seem as if he was able to.

now I like Phil Simmons, I had some lovely days watching Ireland play at Darlington CC  ( when he was the coach of the men in green) and he very gallantly came and sat with me, noting that I was on my own,chatting about the team, a lovely man.

I hope that it all gets sorted soon.

Domestic season may be over but its kicking off internationally!!!

Tonight see the PCA Awards and I personally have my fingers crossed that Jonny Bairstow does well. He deserves it, what a flipping trooper he has been this season.

Anyhoo time to get a wriggle on and as I now have tennis elbow in both elbows it is harder that ever. Good job I never comb my hair as that would be impossible!!!!!.

Have a great day, what ever you are doing

Monday, 28 September 2015

Another chat with Jason

After being lucky enough to have a chat with Yorkshire coach Jason Gillespie at the beginning of the month, I was  given 'another bite of the cherry' and was able to have a  chat once again at the last match of the season......................

Jason thank you for having another chat with me.

When we spoke at the beginning at September , we avoided talking about Yorkshire becoming County Champions, however on the afternoon of Wednesday 9th September it became a reality. At the moment that you heard that Nottinghamshire had been bowled out,what went through your head?

I don't know, well I do know, I was processing that information, I was on the Lords Balcony and there were obviously people around some members sitting to the right of me and members down below saying, 'Notts have been bowled out', so I'm processing that, the boys are hi-5ing, Galey is out in the middle giving a fist pump. Which was fantastic.
I'm sitting there thinking that yes, mathematically we have won, but the game wasn't over and  I kept thinking 'What if our over rate is really bad, what if this, what if that'.
Then it sort of sank in and it was a sense of pride in the lads really.
I think that when you are a member of the off field staff  you see what goes into it.
The paying public see the on field work, they see the end result.
We see them in the middle of winter, running around ovals in the dark and its cold and wet and windy, we see them flog themselves in the gym and on overseas  pre season tour. see them go through tough time, so we know what they do to get to that point.
I suppose seeing the lads at that point where they  win a trophy  is the pinnacle.
Seeing their faces is just sheer delight, nothing makes you happier as a coach as seeing the players, have that genuine happiness, they don't know what to do, Hi-5, hug someone, they are just so exuberant and  excited.
You just sit back and are really happy for them , absolute sheer delight.

You then had 3 more days of cricket until 'your lads' could pick up the trophy. How did you keep them focused on the game in hand?

Well, I mentioned this to the media, Andrew Gale got 98 that day and he was the first in the nets the next morning, 2 hours before the start of play, working on his game,looking to improve.
People questioned, saying that the lads performed poorly and lost the game, I saw nothing that would suggest that  they  could have done anything differently. They turned up on time, punctuality excellent, put in the training their efforts where spot on, so there was nothing that  I could look at and say that the lads switched off. None of the support staff did.

You'd have to ask the individual players.

How did you keep focused on the job in hand?

As we all do,  focus on a process really, I think sometimes if you look at the end result you forget what you have to do to get there.

If you look at step 10  and you are on step1 you forget the steps in between to get to that point.
You have to focus on getting to step 2 or step3. Step 10 arrives soon enough.
So this is how I tried to keep myself  focused.

I think that you have  to give a lot of credit to Middlesex too they played some great cricket to be honest.

You unfortunately lost the match, did this dull the euphoria in any way

In an ideal world it would have be great to have lifted that trophy on the back of a win, as I explained to the lads and as Galey said, the trophy did not represent that particular game, it represents the whole season and what we had done this season, so not to let the one game detract from all the good  work and  the fact that we had won the title.
We all had a chat about the game but didn't want to dwell too much on it, I think that there was just too much excitement in the room about going to get the trophy.

All the lads were really excited for Galey and just wanted to get down and let him get his hands on it..

 They were like kids in a candy store, racing down the stairs, it was a very special moment for them.

Back to back champions,


Hat trick

The romantics out there would love to see that happen, the Yorky  supporters, everyone involved would love that, as for me, I cannot speak for anyone else, I genuinely want the lads to enjoy this,I am enjoying this, enjoying winning it a second time
Pre season,  moving into next season, that's when we knuckle down and say what our hopes and our dreams are.
If we have an end goal, how we are going to get there?
That's how we need to approach it in my opinion.
That is how we will approach it.

Ryan took his 700th wicket in that match  ( 706 now)

He did!!!!
He did it in the first over!

I know I was listening to the radio thinking 'My god what  is going on here!!!???'
You took 613 FC wickets in your career, were you counting?Did you have milestones?

I do remember right towards the end of my career, after  I had finished playing for Australia,my goal was, to win a trophy with South Australia, that didn't quite pan out, we simply  weren't good enough as a side.
A personal goal was to reach 200 Sheffield Shield wickets for South Australia, I was lucky enough to do that, just before I retired.
That probably about the only milestone that I can think of.
In an ideal world I would have loved 300 test wickets but that wasn't quite to be and I was happy with  250.
I was never really one for setting personal milestones, I was all about trying to win a Test series or a One Day series. Or contributing to winning a trophy.

You told me previously that the success of Yorkshire was a team effort and not down to one person ( you). However having spoken to a lot of the 'Yorkshire Faithful', there is a feeling that  you have had a profound effect on the team. How does that make you feel?

It obviously makes  me feel very humble for people to think of me that way. However it is genuinely a team effort. As team coach I probably have one of the highest profiles of the support staff so I accept  that, however it doesn't mean I know everything.

* Applause as Andrew Gale reaches 50*

Martyn Moxon has been a great mentor for me, I have learnt a lot from him, Ian Dews and Richards Damms  work with the second team and the Academy, these two guys, I seek their opinion regularly on First team matters. I value  there opinions and they have given me a lot of things that challenge me, I am happy for them to question  me, it allows me to go away and reflect and to think about decisions that I may have to make or have made.
I also have great support  from the two coaches who were here when I first came  and now have moved on , Paul Farbrace and Richard Dawson, both of them have been amazing to me, and also Anthony McGrath who has come back as a player mentor, I have great respect for him.
So  we work as a team, like all the players work as a team.
Our  physio Kunwar Bansil, and Ian Fisher, there is a lot of knowledge there

And Ian played for Yorkshire too

Yes absolutely, he knows the game, all these guys are very knowledgeable about the game, out of all our coaches I am the least experienced, yet as I said I probably have the highest profile.
And because I am the First team coach there is a bit of a spotlight on me, but as I said I  am just one member of the support staff, and yes I front the media from time to time.
What this has done with the structure that we have now is allow Martyn as Director of Cricket  to oversee  everything and he can spend time seeing the players in the second team and spend time with the Academy players and with other coaches, and I think that's why it works so well.
He lets me crack on, he trusts my judgements, he'll question me and challenge me, and I welcome that, it's the only way you learn and improve,getting honest feedback and  that's how we all work together.

Its nice to hear that supporters say that I have  had an impact, in some way I may well have, but it is a real team effort.

Apart from the Lords match is there another match this season which sticks in your mind and why?

It's funny, there are a few, it's hard too pick one I think the first game of the season against Worcester was a big one. We had seven players out, six in the Caribbean and Galey suspended, and then Ryan hurt himself and we managed to win it by 10 wickets. That was an incredible effort by our squad. I thought that was brilliant.
Both the games against Durham in the Championship
Chester le Street, we were 190-6 and then Bressie and Jonny stepped up it was amazing.
Durham at Scarborough, to be 95-9 in your first innings and then win the game is an amazing achievement and then in the second  innings we were ahead by 79 runs with only 5 wickets in hand when Adil came in to join Glenn and put on that wonderful partnership,  they were the real game changing points.
Playing Middlesex here  Glenn hitting those winning runs

I saw it, it was amazing!!!!

And then Galey and Jack Leaning put on runs in a great partnership against Notts as well,
I think the point I am trying to make is that we won it very differently to 2014, our top six dominated and we were getting 400+  a lot of the time.
This year it's been a very different way, our bowling has been unbelievable.
Ryan has had spells, against Warwickshire at Edgbaston and against Middlesex at Lords, just blowing away the opposition

Jack Brooks has  been brilliant too 

Yes, his first season he got 30 odd wickets,then was injured a bit, he's got 60 odd this season and he's  been an unbelievable recruit, fitted in very well, when we got promoted we knew that we needed to strengthen the bowling resources if we were really going to compete in Division One.
So two key signings I thought with Liam and Jack.

I think Liam coming here was a good move for him

Yes for him, the evidence would prove that right,, he's got back in with  the England set up, so he's done quite well.

I have given you so many matches and reasons, they have all contributed to our success really.

What has been the hardest thing that you have had to face at Yorkshire ( apart from answering dumb questions from me).

Something that I think is going to get increasingly difficult is potentially, selections, with the squad that we have got, there are going to be times when the lads are going to miss out,and through  no fault other than the fact that we have a big squad, so I think that's going to be tough.
Steve Patterson is missing out on this game.
When you have Ryan and Liam  Plunkett, Jack Brooks,Tim Bresnan,Matthew Fisher, who do you leave out?
There have been lads that have missed out various times this season. I had to leave Jack Brooks out at Hove, peopled questioned that.
People questioned why Patto isn't playing here, why Ryan didn't play at Hampshire, questioned why Aaron Finch and Glenn Maxwell were left out and played second team. Why Jack Leaning got left out.
These are the challenges
Andrew Gale left himself out sometimes last year.
We haven't had Joe Root at all this year for Championship Cricket, someone will have to miss out if he is back in the team.

Just put the names in  a hat

*laughs a lot*

who says I don't do it that way?

*lots of laughter*
no basically how I go about it is get advice..

You draw straws really 

No we don't draw straws

*lots of laughter*

Genuinely I arm myself with as much information, I speak to people I trust I speak to the captain and then we come to a decision and sometimes its not the  most popular, people will question it, but its what we think is the best side to win that game of cricket, on that surface, in those conditions.
It sounds simple but it not quite that straightforward

For me the English cricket season is not long enough, for you it is at an end, but you are not going off on a 'jolly' with the rest of the boys,

You are off to coach The Adelaide Strikers in December, how excited are you  about this role

I think that it is a really good opportunity to  be coaching in the Big Bash, its really special. Everyone here in the UK has seen the Big Bash and seen what a  huge competition it is. Its a great chance to be there at the coal face and see how things are run,see  how I can help The Adelaide Strikers perform to  their best ability and  help those players achieve their goals  and hopefully I can learn something  from the people I work with over there and bring something back to Yorkshire.
it's a massive positive it 's a win/win situation.

Are you going to bring Glenn Maxwell back? 

Well we will just have to wait and see, we haven't made any decisions on overseas players at this point in time.What I  will say is the  overseas players that we have had over the last few seasons have been brilliant.

Do you think that you have been the draw here for the likes of Finch and Maxwell?

No its the  club, this is the biggest club in the world, the most famous cricket club, lets be honest, if me being here is an added bonus to bringing in those lads, well that's great,but in reality it is the club.

If you were to be offered the England coaches job now would you take it?

Great question.
Look, I am off to Adelaide to work with the Strikers, I am contracted here, I have to say if they offered me the job I would have to say no.

*LL gives big sigh of relief*

If you were to be offered Jack Shantry would you take him? 
Jack is a great bowler, but there is no room for him, with the strength of the bowling attack that we are going into next season with, I would have to say no.


Thank you for taking the time to speak to me again  this season.

I wish you the best of luck in Australia, I will be cheering the Strikers on, you can be sure of that.

Thank you for being a great sport! 


Sunday, 27 September 2015

The end of season party continued

After a long breakfast with besty friends Sam and Simon in Pontefract, I headed back north to prepare myself for the fact that there would be very few jaunts away over the next few months due to it really being the end of the cricket season.

Arriving home at 'Le Chateau de Champions' ( yes it is still able to retain that name), I got on with the 'usual' stuff , yes bags emptied and the washing machine went on. Three loads later and having forgotten that I no longer have a washing line!!!!!! The chateau resembled a laundry and I was running out of available space to hang my smalls.

I had decided that an early night was in order and that there would be only mineral water passing my lips..............ah yes the best laid plans.
One  phone call from besty friend Christine resulted in my jogging round to her house and spending the evening sampling wine and being sat on by a 9 stone doberman, whilst a three legged lurcher and a German shepherd tried their hardest to get on the sofa next to me.

Which also explains why the blog is late being posted and the fact that I am writing this from my bed.

Yes I am not only feeling like there is a drill in my head, but I do not think that I will be doing a lot of anything today...................

However I do have some crickety things to report.

Yorkshire won the County Championship in case you didn't know

Yorkshire finished the season with 286 points the highest amount by any team since the set up of two divisions.

Yorkshire won 11 matches, most amount of matches won by a team since the set up of  two divisions

Yorkshire are just the best team in the whole flipping world.

Now I am going back to sleep for a little most of the day.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

what to do for next 6 months

So Friday saw 'my boys' beat Sussex which in turn meant that Sussex joined Worcestershire in Division 2.

It did mean that Hampshire got another go in Div 1.

Friday also saw Sussex's Michael Yardy play his last match. And a sight that made I Lady Lainey totally blub.
Yardy was bowled out by "little' Timmy Bresnan and then all the Yorks boys ran over to shake his hand pat him on the back and the balcony was full with both sides clapping him off.
I fair choked trying to stop crying. A great scene of good sportsmanship.

I was also chatting to a gentleman I met at Scarbados a couple of years ago. Yes he recognised me by my hair!

My boys were 're presented ' with the trophy and then were partaking in more champagne. They will need to 'detox' for the next 6 months!!!.

Then I drove out of Leeds headed to Pontefract were I spent a wonderful evening with besty friends Sam & Simon.
A great night with lots of laughter, what better
 people to round off the cricket season with.

So I am typing this on my phone in bed being very lazy!!!

Think I had best get up.

Keep an eye out for a couple of very exciting blogs

Friday, 25 September 2015

The best Hotel ( and yes it's F(ryan)day)

yes it's F(ryan)day and it is also the last day of the domestic cricket season, and it is the last time I will be staying at the wonderful Headingley Lodge this year.

This is for me the best hotel in the world..............yes really,where else do you wake up and open the curtains to see this?

Or (  the first time that I stayed) sleep in the Geoffrey Boycott Suite. Sadly the picture of Geoffrey on the wall freaked me out so much that I had to put a towel over it.

The rooms are spacious, the beds are huge and much more importantly, the staff are exceptional. I can't wait to get back there next season.

I was in The Brian Close suite last night, very special

And last night the hotel was full of Canadian Rugby players!

But back to yesterday and cricket.

The weather turned slightly for the worse and rain descended before lunch.

Ballance and Lyth went early, Jonny Bairstow did not fair much better.

Captain Gale hit a half century but failed to make 3 figures, a great end to the season for him though.

And then 'little' Timmy Bresnan came in and  decided that he would hit a half century and he did.
At stumps Yorkshire were  298-9. with a lead of  301.
Sussex do look as if they are in a bit of a pickle.


Well I am up, dressed about to head off up into Headingley  for the last time this season, there is cricket to watch, a trophy to see and then  I have been invited to go over to Pontefract after the game to have dinner with besty friends Sam and Simon.

It's the last day of cricket and to be honest I am a little bit sad!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Home at Headingley

So PH and I headed off down the A1 yesterday to Headingley, the sun was shining and it was glorious.

Driving down toward Leeds the clouds were rolling in and by the time I parked at Headingley it was positively overcast and chilly. Luckily being a cricket watching pro, I have enough jackets and woollies in the boot of the car to keep half the western terrace warm.

My boys were in the field when I got here having been bowled out for 251. They lost their last three wickets for 10 runs.
Sussex were already 2 wickets down one taken by His Royal Ryanness (706).
By lunch another 3 wickets had gone down and Sussex looked to be in trouble.
By tea they were all out and my boys were back in the field.
They were 55-1 at the close of play.

I was having a grand old time and loving the fact that I was not in the office,  the weather improved by afternoon and I spent the latter half of the game basking in sunshine. Proper cricket weather.

However rain came down overnight and  this morning I have been watching the groundsmen mopping up. There are still some grey clouds but I can see blue sky too.

I have checked the weather forecast and it is going to be changable but the temperature will remain constant ( read that as not tropical weather).

However it makes no difference I am home at Headingley and going to make the most of it.

Super short one as I am busy doing my review of the season, should be out at the weekend.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Enough is enough

I went to work yesterday, it was rubbish!

So I put an extra days holiday in for today, which means this is the getty up to go to Leeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more listening to office boys complaining, breaking wind and scoring it out of 10, not speaking to each other because someone did a better fart than the others.

Yeah!!!!!!! I can now go and watch cricket, sit in peace and quiet and not have to be bothered by Architects/stroppy site managers/stropping roofers and sheeters/ MD's

Oh no, the only thing that will be bothering me is how much coffee I can drink until I put my dress over my head and run around 'yahooing'.

Well hopefully it won't come to that !!!!
So Pink Hippo and I will shortly be getting into the Lady Lainey limo and heading off to the heady heights of Headingley.

Question is what are we walking into?

Yesterday my boys lost the toss and were put into bat. It didn't go too well, Lythy went cheaply and Gary Ballance had to step up, which he did. No one (currently) made three figures but The Lovely Jack Leaning  hit 36, whilst Adil Rashid hit 53.

Rain hit on and off ( and it can stop that malarkey today) and my boys were up and down  from  the dressing room like the proverbial  brides nightie.

Sussex seemed determined to keep their Division One hopes alive, and Yorkshire  managed to scoop another point by close of play.
They start today 241-7


Elsewhere  in cricket, Worcestershire, who may be going down, proved that they were not out!!!
The completely skittled Middlesex which will not have brought a smile to the face of besty friend El Presidenti de Middx.

 When I read the scoresheet it did bring a smile to my face, as Jack 'Commando boy' Shantry had been taking a couple of wickets. However the hero of yesterday was Shannon Gabriel with his 5-31.

Over at Nottingham ,Hampshire look to be on shakey ground in their match as Wessels hit a century (104) and saw the County debut for Billy Root, younger brother of top Tyke Joey Root. and hit a very repsectable 37.

Last week of cricket or not its all going off.

And going off is what I am about to down the A1 and going 'home' for the last time this season.

Finally, my 'good luck'  was kiss of death for Birmingham last night as they got beaten by Aston Villa 1-0. Cousin Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo was on the subs bench which was a good way of ensuring that he didn't get a card of any colour.

Catch you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Only one more work getty up!

I am up and ready to face what Tuesday holds because I have only one more work getting up before I am off to see 'my boys'.

However one ' boy' that we won't be seeing  out with the team in the playing capacity is Rich Pyrah who announced yesterday that he was retiring forthwith, but would be taking a coaching role with the club.
Ah well he has just changed sides.
Good luck Rich, glad to see you are staying with the club.

Today sees the start of the final match of the season for my boys and it is mega in more ways than one.
There are a couple of birthday boys this week, and there hopefully will be some career highlights too.

 'Little' Timmy Bresnan is only 61 runs away from a FC career best of 5000 runs

Captain Gale is two catches away from FC 50 catches. ( however none will ever be as great as the one at Scarbella this year which saw us thrash Durham!!)

Also as a team they  are the  highest point scoring team since the championship split into two divisions.

And we all know why this is don't we


Yes love it or hate it, you cannot deny it.

I am going to be super busy tonight sorting out my bag ( yes only one bag this time) and getting things sorted here at The Chateau.
But first I have to get through any 'fun packed' day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, where Trill Boy excelled yesterday, whilst dredging the bottom of the barrel,

Lady Lainey,  you truly are depraved.

Trill Boy,   Well you can blame my Mum and Dad for that

Lady Lainey,  How so?????

Trill Boy, Well when I was little  I wanted an Action Man but only got a cheap version it didn't have eagle eyes or....... ...............

Lady Lainey sits with fingers in her ears and head in her hands!!!!

There has to be a better way to earn a living?????!!!!!!

A massive shout out tonight for cousin Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo as he leads  out his boys in blue in the Birmingham Derby tonight  taking place at Villa Park. Come on Birmingham City. ( sadly that will now be kiss of death for them).

So now it is time to sign off and head off down the A1 sadly only one junction this morning.........................

Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday again!!!!

Well where on earth did the weekend go?

In a haze of painkillers and work!!!

 Yes I fought on through the pain and managed to get the rest of the trees 'lopped' which meant that there is more sun late afternoon in former ' frog friendly' area of the extensive grounds. I am hoping that if this starts to dry out the chances of me having an 'little friends' visiting next year will become less.

I also had a nap!!!! yes it's a long time since I was having naps at the weekend, and we all know how much I love them.

And I had the power tools out as I did the last of the drilling. I do love power tools!!!

This morning it is cold dark and wet!!!! and all that I can say is that the weather had better get before  the end of the week.....................think I might just check out the weather forecast.

Well had a peep and it doesn't look too bad, might even get some late September tanning in.

Crickety news is a bit low on the ground after the Final on Saturday and as we are into the last week of the domestic season it is will be become even more sparse.
However as is now becoming the 'norm' at the  end of season to  see another player being  given a  ban.Somersets Craig Overton  has been banned for two matches, for his third breach of on field rules.

This made me wonder, players obviously know the 'on field rules' so for him to have breached them three times  begs the question of 'what type of person he is ?'

He is not the only player this season to have been 'had up'on this, once again I wonder where the game of Gentlemen went?

Whilst trawling through the papers looking for some cricket news I found out that ' he who must not be named in the blog' has signed up for the Pakistan Super League, as well as announcing that he is going 'home' to South Africa to play cricket too.  Well he is turning into a cricket 'wh**e'. but he has always gone where the money is. Less High class h**ker, more Side street s**t.  #myopiniononly

Oh well back to my day job and with the tennis elbow not getting any less painful, I will float through the day in Super swanky Lady Lainey office in a haze of painkillers and coffee.

I think that I may struggle to crack the whip today, but I can cope with that, I only have two more work getty ups until I head off to say that I am a little bit excited is an understatement, even though it is the last time that I will see them until next year...................................that is not something that I want to dwell on.

oh well off to do my thing.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Lazy Sunday? Doubt it.

Another morning worn out, another hideous night due to  pain from my elbow, but hey the painkillers are kicking in now so that makes it all OK, and in 10 more minutes I will not care!!

Now to say that this is not my own fault is an understatement, yesterday I had such a massive flurry of activity it was unbeleivable. Firstly I  cooked a million things including  lentil dhal, crust less veggie  quiche,  spinach falafel, butternut, carrot and chillie soup and then I  set to with the cherry brandy, plum brandy and sloe gin. It should be grand for Xmas.

Dame Didi came for lunch and brought a car full of 'stuff' including a scarifyer and tree loppers. So off I went to lop the over hanging trees  that have been stopping my stunning white hydrangea getting some sun..

No wonder my elbow is on fire, ice packs ( well frozen peas and beans) work for a while. I know what I should be doing but I have a scarifyer now and I intend by next summer to have my back lawns like cricket pitches.................................outfields that is.

I also took to the chaise longue for a good part of the day, watching Surrey and Gloucestershire battling it out for the One Day Trophy, I was quite concerned that by backing  Gloucestershire I had jinxed them, and as they lost wickets early I was beginning to think that was the case.

Surreys Jade Dernbach ( or derbac as Dame Didi thought it was as she sat chuckling about his 'comb'!!!!), took 6-35 including a hat-trick, but it was to no avail, the Gloucestershire boys fought back and had a very well deserved win.

The interval on Sky  was brilliant as it had the 5th part of 'Cricketing Yorkshire' and  showed my boys collecting the Trophy at Lords. Ahhhhh I have so loved the behind the scenes footage of my boys it's been a great series.

So now the dishwasher is finished, the washing machine is on spin and I am off to scarify the lawns.

No peace for the pretty

Saturday, 19 September 2015

I am in agony!!!!!!!

Oh my dog!!!!! I am in complete agony and cannot even lift a cup of coffee to my cake hole to have a drink to wash down the handful of painkillers I am trying to take.

I have had no sleep either or very little in fact at 4.30am I considered walking round to Tesco and get the things that I needed for lunch with Dame Didi.

What is wrong????? I hear you all shouting.

Well ever since I took the extensive grounds of the Chateau in hand I have been battling with tennis elbow, this is the elbow which I very badly broke and had in plaster for a million months and then had another million months getting the flipping joint moving again.

You may remember I slipped in the grounds on wet leaves last year just before my birthday and chipped the bone and since then I have had more problems with it.

Most of this is due to the weight of the handbag that I carry ( this is true and has been corroborated by my quack, as well as the fact that the handbag is also responsible for putting my back out too). I have tried to empty the bag out, ( still filled it up), used a smaller handbag ( no good then carried 2 bags to lug around necessary junk). And used a 'back pack' type bag ( not a good luck with your Jimmy Choo's and Chanel Suit).

Well yesterday after mowing the lawns in the rear extensive grounds and then edging them, I put the lawn mower away and nearly passed out with the pain of 1000 red hot pokers sticking in my elbow.

An ice pack, having it elevated ( I couldn't bear to keep it flat) and pain killers and an early night have done nothing to alleviated the pain.

Now I know that you will think that I am only fit for the knackers yard, but I am sure there is still lots of life in this old dog, so I am trying to brave it out.

I am off to Tesco now , then I will make lunch for the Dame and I, AND then I will lie around on the chaise lounge and watch the cricket because today is Royal London One Day Final.

Yes Surrey are taking on Gloucestershire.

I am backing Gloucestershire and I hope that this is not kiss of death for them.

Hope that I feel better tomorrow.

Friday, 18 September 2015


'Ahhhh the best day of the week' as Dan Dan Cowboy ( now retired) Draughtsman used to say.

Yes indeedy it is the best day of the working week, and a good day to bring good news to all my readers.

'My Boys' made the most amazing comeback yesterday after a declaration and a forfeit of an innings by Hampshire who were obviously soooooo sure that they had my Tykes on the ropes.Really though, fair play to the Southern boys they decided to make a game of it, it just didn't go the way they planned.
Captain Gale and The Lovely Jack Leaning had a blinder of a match, with the Captain hitting 125 and TLJL 76..
It was Little Timmy Bresnan and  Andrew Hodd who saw my boys over the line with 4.4 overs to spare.
A win AND the championship record for the number of points in a season ( since going into two divisions) 265,and still a game in hand.

 I forgot to mention yesterday that the ECB have scrapped all plans to change the set up of the County game system so we are staying with 16 games. Wooooohoooooo that is brilliant news.
Although I did read somewhere that some clubs want to see the season start in March ( YES I AM ALL FOR THAT) and to play some matches abroad (NOT TOO SURE ABOUT THAT).

and now the bad news

Poor old Worcestershire who had played their hearts out at The Riverside Ground against Durham, sadly could not bowl the home team now and are relegated, This is a flipping dilemma for I Lady Lainey as I will not be able to ogle  admire the strange bowling action of Jack Shantry next season.


and not forgetting that there is only one match left in the season.
that is the biggest BOOOOHOOOOO of all

right enough of that,

time to head off to the sunny resort of Ladylaineyworkville ( it is actually chucking it down). I think that in light of 'My Tykes. being such super champions, I will fore go shouting at boys and scare the flipping life out of them by smiling all day and being super nice.

Happy F(ryan)day.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thank goodness its Thursday

I,Lady Lainey am super glad its Thursday, it is nearly the weekend and all the excitement that  holds ( washing if I have a new line, painting, Dame Didi coming to lunch, spot of tiling). But before all of that I have to get through two more days in Super swanky Lady Lainey office.

My boys however , are into their last day of their penultimate cricket match in Hampshire. Yesterday was horrible weather and in the end over 7 overs were bowled and then My Tykes went  back to their hotel ( which  most of them took to twitter to complain about) and played 'Tiddlywinks', watched 'Murder she wrote' and got some sleep.

The chances of them getting a round of golf ( favourite pastime for most cricket boys zzzzzzzzzz) were  not really an option unless they had amphibian features.

Hampshire badly need to get points from this game, where as My Boys need the weather to remain rubbish so that they don't have the chance of being bowled out.

Anyhooo we can only wait and see what happens today.


Down at the bottom of the Division One table Worcestershire kept some hope alive of not sliding into Div Two ( which would be a shocker for Lady Lainey as top eye candy Jack Shantry would no longer be around). Brett D'Oliveira had bowling figures of 5-48 as they bowled Durham out for 277.
And the aforementioned Jack Shantry even took  a wicket.

The weather this morning is not too bad so I am keeping my fingers crossed for them.


When I got back to the Chateau last night after a hard days graft at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office ( I had to make coffee twice I will have you know), there was a large envelope on the mat for was only the score cards from Lords last week, from El Presidenti!!!!

Oh my I was fair swooning reading them, I know My Tykes lost but these were the score cards from a Championship winning match. And of course His Royal Ryanness got wickets.................oh it was the greatest surprise for a cricket tragic like me!!!.

Right I am off to face the A1 and then have get on and sort out some archiving to go to HQ in London.

I doubt that my day will be that exciting so best brace myself  for lots of 'tidying up' and general office 'housekeeping'.

oh well here I go...........................

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


                                                              'My Boys'

Well the team  for the trip to the UAE was named yesterday and its only flipping half Yorkshire ( well nearly)!!! 'My boys' get everywhere!.
 Root, Plunkett, Rashid, Bairstow and for ODI's and T20 we will be getting a bit of Willey.

Surrey's Zafar Ansari  had his name drawn out of the hat too, and then only hours later ended up in hospital having injured his hand ( dislocated thumb). Not looking good for him.

Sadly there was no call up for Adam Lyth and Gary Ballance, but I am sure that their time will come again.

My Tykes were not having such a top day  down in  former stomping ground on the south coast. Yes the weather in Southampton was poo ( serious meteorological term), and play was delayed.Then former besty county in the south Hampshire only flipping well racked up 400 runs!!!!! What the blinking heck was going on there!
It didn't get any better when  My Boys went into bat, poor little Lythy was out for a duck.His day was not getting any better. Oh it was all going downhill very quickly.
Bad light ended play and my boys were on 82-4.
Hampshire need a win and I need rain so that my boys  do not lose another match!.

Well other news is that Ashwell Prince has announced his retirement  ( again). I am off down to  Ladbrokes this  morning to put £10 on him coming out of retirement before Christmas.

And Monty Panesar has been released by Essex.

I am wishing that we could release Trill Boy!!!!!! he is fair getting on my nerves and short of chaining him to his chair, taping up his mouth and putting blinkers on him, I am not sure how to get him to sit at his desk and do some work.
I sound like the School Mistress!!!!
Now I know that you all must think that he is some 'YTS' boy that we have in the office. However he is not, he is knocking 40 and should know better.

So I am off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and just know that there will be lots of shouting and not much nail filing or looking pretty ( apart from pretty cross!!!)

 I hope you all have a good day most especially My Tykes.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My boys back in action

Yes my boys were back on the field yesterday however they were all wearing black armbands as not long before play was due to start it was announced that former England, Yorkshire and Somerset Captain Brian Close had very sadly passed away.

Close was the youngest player to win a test cap at the age of 18 in 1949. He was known for his 'brave batting' and Captained England 7 times. plus led Yorkshire to 4 County Championships!!

So no pressure on Captain Gale!!

Rain was not on the side of my boys either yesterday  and the match started late. His Royal Ryanness was not in the squad!!!!! His place being taken by Mathew Fisher.

I was not best pleased to hear this but I guess bring  that Gillespie the Gallant had decided that you only bring the  'Rolls Royce' out on special occasions!!! I am hoping that this is a sign that he will be playing next week when I head off to Headingley

Jack Brooks bowled well taking the wickets of both Michael Carberry ( eye candy for the Dame) and Will Smith..

Rain spoilt the day and the boys were back in the hotel in time to watch the news and Home and Away.

Hampshire were 219-4 when they headed to the showers ( after the showers!!!)

My day was the usual battle with Trill Boy who is now so far behind on his drawings that the project we are expecting at Christmas will be built before we see any drawings for his job!!!

The weather was much the same as Hampshire, a pleasant morning and then lots of rain, and it is still raining now which is going to play havoc with my orange curls.

The squad for the upcoming England tour of UAE will be announced today. Good luck to all my boys who may have their names in the hat. ( how else do you think the old duffers select the team?).

OK off for another day of drinking copious amounts of coffee, shouting at boys, looking pretty for 7 hours and I may even manage to file me nails too.

catch you tomorrow!.

Monday, 14 September 2015

New week, at my old stomping ground

|So my champs headed off to Southampton yesterday , and although they  are the County Champions it doesn't mean that they can take their foot off the gas.

Not a flipping   chance, I, Lady  Lainey expect nothing  less than a total all out maximum point gathering  win, down at the home of former besty home county in the south,Hampshire.. My old stomping ground ( nearly).

Ahh a trip down memory lane ( or Northlands Roads, where the county ground used to be situated). Long hot summer days, nights out and finishing up in Zorba's Greek restaurant.........................OK it was a Kebab shop but it did have plastic table and chairs. so that you could eat in.

Anyhoooo the main thing is that 'my champs. go out and win. I am hoping that they are all over their hangovers and raring to go.

Hampshire will be hoping for a win ( no chuffing chance),as they  are struggling down at the bottom of the table along with Worcestershire and Somerset.

In other crickety news, Australia 'stuffed' ( very technical cricket term) England to take the ODI series 3-2. It was however not without incident as Captain Morgan left the field with a concussion after being hit by a bouncer, bowled by  Mitchell Starc, who looked shell shocked.And understandably so.
Morgan never made it back to the crease  and the rest of the team seemed to have run out of steam.
Well done the Aussie boys, at least I got to see that Mitchell Starc smile one more time.

Yesterday was busy here at the Chateau although things did not run too smoothly when my rotary washing line decided to kick up it's heels and collapse with my washing on it ( and then in various parts of the extensive grounds). After managing to locate most of my 'smalls' and my 'larges' I now have washing drying all over the house.

Had quick visit by eldest monster child nephew Lord Christophe which was highly entertaining.
I was also drilling and fixed the  little problem that I had with the overhang of the garage door.

See give a Lady power tools and amazing things happen.

And today? well I have to go and set record  as 'My boys' match is on Sky and then  this evening I  can watch them in action
And then I am heading off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office,oh joy the thought of that is making me want to get back into bed!!!!

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Well, we had known this since Wednesday afternoon, but My Tykes' finally got the chance to get their hands on the trophy late yesterday afternoon...................................however I have to say that they did lose to Middlesex. Which will have made  'El Presidenti' Harry Latchman smile.

It did break their unbeaten run this season but I can live with that.

More importantly, Captain Gale, got the chance to to step up and collect the trophy. A great moment and as I watched it, I have to say that I had a tear in my eye ( I actually full out blubbed). A great moment for him, and well deserved.

And then as they all got stuck into the champers, so did I  and by midnight, I was sound asleep on the sofa and  woke up after 2am with the weekly copy of The Newton News ( local rag which highlights the great town of Newton Aycliffe!!), stuck to my cheek!!!!!  Very fetching!!

I am sure 'my boys' were still partying as I dragged myself into bed.

This morning I am feeling a little delicate and am typing this from my bed. Yes I am still in it and not stripping it bare to throw into the washing machine.

My head is a little 'bangy' so I am taking it steady, which I doubt any of  those Tykes did.

I need to take some tablets and 'Lady up'.

I have power tools and I am going to use them!!!

Yes more DIY at the Chateau, well the 'Boot Room' blind is not going to put itself up!!.........

Its a short one today but what more is there to say


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Still a Lady in waiting

ooooohhhh 'my boys' are certainly making me wait to let out a cheer and run around the Chateau with my Yorkshire shirt over my head!!!!! ( although judging by the banging hangover I have this morning I might not be running)

They were letting those Middlesex boys  get some runs yesterday, and they are only flipping well 380 runs ahead with 2 wickets in hand!!!
His Royal Ryanness took an early wicket bringing his total of FC wickets to 705................what will his total be at the end of the season?

I think we all know where this match is heading. But hell 'My Tykes' are County Champions and I for one am super bouncy happy about that.

Gillespie the Gallant  was chatting to 5 live Sport yesterday about  all things Yorkshire, and mentioned 'Galeygate' from last season.
He said that the news that Captain Gale couldn't go out and lift the trophy  last season had made his 'blood boil'.
 however it  had driven the team and all the staff on this season.and hopefully today will be the day when Galey can lift the trophy.

10.25am I will be tuning in on't wireless as I do the usual round of Saturday chores.

Other news yesterday was that Nottinghamshire bowler Chris Read became the first player for 18 years to reach 1,000 dismissals. And Notts pulled off a blinding win against Durham, which was a great cause of cheering in the Notts fans camp. ( Sophie Brown) 

And talking Durham they have loaned out Phil Mustard to Lancashire until the end of the season......................... hmmmmmm I know that Lancashire are fighting it out with Surrey for the Division 2 title but is there more to this than meets the eye???!!!!.

I nearly forgot that England won yesterday, but not before that 'cheeky temporary Tyke' Glenn Maxwell took the most amazing catch!!!!! and soon to be one of 'my boys' David Willey was on outstanding form too.

This season is nearly over but next season is shaping up nicely.

However there are still two matches left before I go into hibernation.

I am now off to Homebase, drop something through 'Big Sis' Kiki's letterbox  ( she is still in a strop with me, but is going to Dame Didi's  so the coast will be clear), and then get on with 'stuff' here.

Have a 'Champion; Saturday I know I am going to!!!


Friday, 11 September 2015

Is it a match winning F(ryan)day?

After all the drama and excitement of Wednesday,at Lords, yesterday was actually  back to some sort of normality. Sort of................

...................the morning session started with The Headband warrior and His Royal Ryanness having a bit of a bat....................and flipping heck,Jacky hit 50, he had obviously had, had his 'Weetabix' for breakfast. HRR hit 28 and there last wicket stand of 78 took My Tykes to a total of 299.

I was not able to get any commentary on the match and so I was relying on Twitter updates.

In between this Dame Didi tipped up in Ladylaineyworkville and we went out to have a something to eat, very civilised, before she headed back off home to Chateau Didi and went to bed to sleep off lunch!!
No chance of me to sleeping off lunch as I was trying to get 'stuff' sorted in Super swanky Lady Lainey office and keep up with all things that  were happening at Lords.....................

...................which were not going to the plan that I had for  'LLLS' ( Ladylaineyslotshire as they have been renamed in Chateau de Champions).

Flipping Middlesex decided to make a stand and despite losing 5 wicket, they decided to 'dig in'.

By close of play they were 274-5  81 runs ahead.

El Presidenti of Middx CCC  was texting me during the game and much I want to be there today it is totally impossible.

Well Lady Lainey expects that those wickets have gone before lunch today. #justsaying

And hopefully Captain Gale will be able to lift the Trophy before going  back to the hotel for a couple of sherry shandies!!! 

Today also sees  Headingley coming to life for the ODI, where England really need to win, although I think that Australia will be looking to wrap up the series as champs.

Hopefully we can get through this one without any 'mishaps'

Well best head off, lots to do, people to see and boys to crack the whip at.

Oh yes and I will today be drinking copious amounts of coffee whilst waiting for the Yorks results, shouting at boys who dare to invade my office and looking jolly smug and pretty for 7 hours.

It's F(ryan)day, Yorkshire are champions, what better way to start the weekend???

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The most amazing over ever

Well the radio was on my desk at 10.25pm and the start of THE match was delayed  slightly.

It made no difference to His Royal Ryanness as he  stormed and took 3 wickets in his first over. He got his 700 first class wickets and more.

what a boy!!!!!

amazing bowler and as David Callaghan said ( @callycricket) it was the most unbelievable first over he has seen in years!

I had sent a  text to  El Presidenti at 8am, he sent me a text at  11.20am. Poor Harry!!!

We kept in touch but it was not looking too good for his beloved Middlesex as they were all out for 106.
Little Timmy Bresnan also had a good bowling spell which made me give a huge sigh of relief. 

By just after lunch Durham had bowled Notts  out and Yorkshire were County Champions, a ripple went round Lords, and a big fat tear fell out of the eye of I,Lady Lainey, followed by another and another until it was an all out tear fest.
CaptainGale was in the middle batting when this happened and this season there is nothing that will stop him lifting the trophy which hopefully will be Friday.

Back to back winners.
nothing more to add to that.

except that my home will remain Chateau de Champions for another year.

And today is another day as we move onto trying to get to the end of the season unbeaten and  rack up as many points as possible.

and for I, Lady Lainey, its trying to settle down  and get on with some work today. I am not sure that much of that will be happening but might just give it a go.




until tomorrow

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Start of ' The Big Week'

Woooo it's not even F(ryan)day and  pics of HRR are making an appearance.
Well that is because it is the start of a 'Big Week' for my Tykes and for HRR if he performs well.

I will be chained to my desk but listening on 5 Live Sport.
I am not feeling at my usual perkiness which is a bit of a shame, but best to deal with things before they spiral into anything worse ( that hideous, yukky temperature spiking, heart palpitating lurgy).

however back to the important thing, Gillespie the Gallant has told the players to focus on their match and not to get too drawn into the excitement which is building ( and has been here at the Chateau since April). he said that 'everyone is excited and they have good reason to be excited. We've put ourselves in a good position, but we can't take anything for granted'.

Wise words from the coach.

Also it is great to see that they have at this moment gone through the season unbeaten.

England were playing yesterday and won! which was brilliant, even when Jonny Bairstow caught Glenn Maxwell. two of my favourite Tykes!.
However it was teeny tiny James Taylor who hit a century that helped England through.
Well done boys. Its Headingley  Friday and should be a goodie!!!

I was taking some flack from so called'friends' last night on Twitter, re  the incident with Lyth on Sunday, and then dredging up my dislike for Liam Plunkett when he was at Durham.

So let me put things straight.
Lyth was stupid and should have been aware of where mics and cameras were.

Which is a tad like...................
One Durham player who is synonymous  with messing up his spells with England, sent home in disgrace, breaking his hand in fit in fit of temper, obstructing the field! and that doesn't even take into account his Durham tantrums.
And his language on the field has been picked up on Sky.
In fact the bat hurling/ kicking, foul language, temper tantrums seem to be rife at Durham!!!

As for Liam, he has developed at Yorkshire into the player he was meant to be.( and had been a few years previously). This is down to hard work on his part and a strong discipline  ethos at Yorkshire ( even Glenn Maxwell fell foul of their rules this summer and was omitted from a game)
Durham seem to lack discipline  where their players are concerned.

If you want to have it out with me then do it face to face not by making snide comments to your friend knowing that it would be picked up by myself.

And as for the 'big hairy thing',check out his wicket taking stats!!!!

And that is all I am saying on it.

I can't believe that I am off on a rant and feel so grotty.

Finally today sees  Her Majesty The Queen become the longest reigning monarch, when she passes the record set by Queen Victoria.

Right off to see the quack to hopefully feel a bit better later and also get some painkillers for flipping tennis elbow!! It never rains....................

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Joyeaux Anniversaire ma soeur

Joyeaux Anniversaire
Joyeaux Anniversaire
Joyeaux Anniversaire ma soeur
Avoir une belle journee

yes it is the birthday of My sister Dame Didi. I am hoping that she has a wonderful day.

It is also the birthday  of oldest School friend Duchess Debbie the Wise, she is celebrating her 21st birthday ( again).
Fancy My sister and my oldest friend having the same birthday, stranger still, Duchess Debbies mummy and I also share the same birthday!!! How very strange!!!!!

Anyhoo Didi I hope that you have had breakfast in bed and all the housework done, and the kitchen cleaned and tidied, although I know that this will not have happened unless you have done it.

Have a great day and enjoy your birthday.

Yesterday was not a great day for Nottinghamshire as they were beaten in the semi by Surrey. Not a team I have much time for but one that now they are promoted and may have some silverware, will become more appealing to one of their 'players'.

The final is a week on Saturday and I am backing Gloucestershire.........................there said it and we all know what that means.

Now @funsophe and I are putting plans into place to head off to The Headingley Lodge next season to see Yorks v Notts at some point. which will be super dooper fun!!!

Today will see My Tykes trundling down the M1  as they head to Lords and a BIG WEEK for them.

I am excited/ and feel very sick all at the same time, goodness knows what I  will be like tomorrow.

However today sees the  third One Day International against Australia and this time lests hope that it is without drama and poor sportsmanship.

I see that Ben Stokes is still not letting the 'obstructing' thing go, he says that he did not willfully handle the ball. well after all his years of playing cricket I think that he would know better. Now let it go!!!

I did a bit more digging in the garden last night and also edged the lawn which seems to be looking a lot better. I am hoping to get the  other side of the extensive grounds sorted this weekend and it will be ready for paving slabs.
Then I only have the Deer park to sort out and jobs a good 'un. 
This time next year I am hoping that it will all be looking much better.

Autumn is on the way as I noticed that the chuffing massive Horsechestnut tree at the front of the chateau is now starting to change colour which will mean lots fo sweeping and burning of leaves.........................flippping heck I have so much to look forward to once he cricket is over!!!!

and so much to look forawrd to in super swanky Lady Lainey office. so guess I had better head off!!


Monday, 7 September 2015

My champions

So yesterday I hotfooted it down the A1, and headed off to Headingley. By 8.30am I was parked up  and walking the two minutes to the ground.
As was the whole of Yorkshire by the flipping look of it. I was drinking my black coffee ( more about the later) and listening to the grumbling as we 'queued' up to get it.
hahahaha men will moan about anything.

'Ahhmm not standing in't queue ahmm a member '

'Whats up wi em all, should be chuffing working faster'

I was basking in the sunshine and loving just being at Headingley.

So in we got and I settled down to have some breakfast, fruit salad, and coconut oil yogurt ( more about that later).

I got 'my' seat down on the boundary and had a chat with a lovely couple sitting along from me.

I watched the boys warming up and HRR was with them too.

Yorkshire were put into bat, Lyth and Lees took to the field. They racked up some runs ( well Lyth did ). Lees fell having scored  21 and lovely Jack Leaning ( little heart throb of the Lady and the Mrs on the Mount)  only made 8!!!.

Luckily Lyth hit 96.
Yorkshire made 263-9
I, Lady Lainey was also on the television, quite a few times actually and it did  not go unnoticed as I was informed on Twitter :-)!!!

During the break, I had a walk about, bumped into Mrs Bairstow and also had some lunch ( rocket, spinach and red cabbage, with olives, tomatoes and cucumber. 2 apples a snack pack of grapes and some nuts. )

I then had another  cup of black coffee and settled down for the Gloucestershire innings.
OK long story short, I was on television another couple of times and Gloucestershire won after a great innings by Klinger and Marshall ( who has more unruly hair than I, Lady Lainey).

I drove home a little sad........................BUT we have much bigger fish to fry and I am focusing on that.

Right so after a conversation with a vegan, I have taken a 30 day challenge and am eating and living a vegan lifestyle. The leather shoes are packed away! and No meat,fish, dairy or eggs will ( hopefully ) be passing my lips for the next 30 days, luckily I made an abundance of lentil dhal  so I could be living on that for the next 29 days.

Right off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office to settle down a little.

I also will be cheering on Nottinghamshire today in their bid to get to the One Day Final.

Off to have my porridge now ( made with water and with added almond milk).

A tout a l'heure

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Headingley here I come

I am up dressed and nearly ready for the off.

Food is packed and I have even had my nails painted with  dark blue, pale yellow and pale blue dots ready for  the big day.

To say that I am excited is an understatement. I was in bed before 9pm last night. I did however wake up at 1 am and got upto see if I could flipping well see the moon being replicated or whatever the hoohaa was. Well there was so much cloud that I couldn't even see the moon, so I toddled off back to my bed, for a few hours more sleep.

Now I am trying to get this posted so that I can set off in the Lady Lainey limo for my beloved Headingley.

Yesterday I managed to get all the  washing done and dried outside as well, as having Pete the Pigeon poop on my clean and dry bedding!!!I am taking this as a signal of good luck!!

I got the lawns  in the extensive rear gardens of the Chateau mown and 'weeded and feeded', as well as planting out my white laveneder.
Then I settled down to watch the ODI .

Why is it that when ever Ben Stokes plays there is always 'something' going on!!!.

Well yesterday was no exception, he was  off his mark to take a run when Mitchell Starc, caught the ball and threw it to the stumps. Stokes used his hand to get it out of his way.
He was deemed out for obstructing the field.
Then al hell broke out. Umpires makinf decisions, England ODI captain giving 'harsh looks' to any Australian who came within range.

Stokes went back to the dressing room where I am guessing any locker, bat, door, person who got in his way will have taken the brunt of his temper.

And then twitter lit up like a christmas tree.

For my part I have to say that the booing of the 'England fans'  at Lords was shocking. It is not in the spirit of the game.
The Umpires decision  is final.
99.9% of the fans there yesterday would not have even known about law 37.
99.9% of the fans there yesterday would have been cheering if it had been the 'other side'
Mithcell Starc has a lovely smile

England lost and I think that there was a bit of a 'poet mortem' after the match.

To be honest the 'Stokes thing' needs to be put to rest as soon as possible, so that the team can moveon.

OK that is the last that I say about it.

I am now about to set off as I am too excited to sit inthe house a minute longer.

See you on the other side of this Semi final match when I will be either super bouncy happy,or preparing for  bigger things!!!


Saturday, 5 September 2015

How do I top yesterday's blog?

well to be honest I can't, so thanks for reading this morning!!!!!!!

hahahaha,  I really can't, and I don't think that I will ever top yesterdays blog and I am late with this one because I decided to have a little lie in after having mojito's and wine with besty friend Francesca last night. What rebels we are, we didn't get home until 10pm!!!!!! and then.........I stayed up until 11pm!!!!

And I am shattered this morning, however the sun has got his hat on, so I am about t hang out the first lot of washing and get lots more done.

Yes you see after living the high life and hobnobbing at Leeds I am now back to the normal life. Washing cooking and cleaning.

I need to get two days work done here at the Chateau, as tomorrow I am hot footing it to my second home of Headingley.

In other crickety type news, Surrey were promoted to the First Division and I wonder if this results in 'he who must not be named in the blog' actually playing for them next season now that they are back in the top flight. I flipping hope not as it may cause me to utter terribly unladylike words, and not appear as 'proper' ad I really am.
Mark my words I think he will be back all next season!
There I have made my prediction and unlike last week at Finals day I fear this will come true.

Lancashire were also promoted which will mean more 'Roses' matches next season!!!

Our first day  of having Trill Boy back from his holiday was as expected, noisy, distracting and a distinct lack of work done by any of the office boys.

Ahhh the joys of the working life.

So back to today, best I am currently typing and talking to Dame Didi and about to get a wriggle on.

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Friday, 4 September 2015

A chat with Jason

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would beg an 'interview' from Yorkshire coach Jason Gillespie, and to my complete shock he said yes!!!

Well after I had picked myself up from the floor, I realised that I had to step up a gear if I was going to do this, I went into total panic!

So as I hinted the other day that I had gatecrashed my way into the Carnegie Pavilion, that was a little fib as I had been invited to go and have a chat with 'Gillespie the Gallant', who was a great sport agreeing to talk to me.

Here is the outcome of our meeting,

Firstly Jason  thank you for agreeing to have a chat with me. so lets open with some general questions.

When you were a child what did you want to be?

Its a good question and I can honestly say for  as long as I can  remember, all I ever wanted to do was play cricket for Australia.
That was my whole goal, even when I was at school ,teachers and friends would ask 'What do you want to do with your life?',
I would say 'I want to play cricket for Australia'.
They would say ' you can't have that as a career',
 I would say 'Why not'? it was my goal and my dream.
It was everything,I couldn't imagine doing anything else. cricket was from a very young age something that was very important
I played soccer from a very young age until I was a teenager, I went through fazes, with basketball, squash and tennis, but cricket was always the constant over the summer, I have been very lucky that I have been able to live my dream.

And continue doing it

Yes absolutely.

You do some commentating ,but is coaching where you want to be?

I love coaching, but I wouldn't rule out being full time in the media at some point.I'm 40 now, and who is to say how long I will be coaching. Don't get me wrong I love what I am doing, but there may be media work for me sometime in the future.
I try not to look too far ahead, I am actually not looking any further than this game at the moment
( Yorks V Somerset) to be honest I don't like to look too far into the future.

What do you do in your free time?
*whispers 'please don't say golf!*

I don't play golf very well, I do like golf, but I haven't played for so long, I suppose that's just the fact that we have such a young family.
If I have a day off it's basically a case of spending time with my family, spending time with the kids, it's what I love doing.
It's so busy with county cricket, away from home a lot.
Sometimes when you do have a day off you find that you only have time to  do washing and get ready to go again, that  can be pretty full on
Really any downtime is just  about being with family and friends.

You have travelled extensively with cricket would you say that you have a favourite place?

I really enjoyed the couple of season that we lived in Zimbabwe that was a great time and I really enjoyed living there.
 Africa is beautiful, it's different and it was challenging and  at times it was really hard.
 They have a real love for the game,but  its a very different existence it can't be as professional , there is a lot of stuff going on away from the  cricket  and it takes a lot of Zimbabweans focus away from the game.
That's real life there and you have to respect that.
The love of cricket is definitely there, there is no doubt about that.
I did really love my time out there.

How do you pass the time on team bus journeys?

Either catching up on a bit of work, or generally reading the paper or book,maybe chatting with the lads or the support staff. sometimes there may be a movie which I may watch.
If it's one that Jack Brooks has chosen then its usually pretty awful so I will avoid that.
Generally a bit of everything and if I need to, then I will sleep.

Who is the 'naughtiest' boy in the team?

Who is the 'naughtiest' boy in the team,?
That's a tough question, I don't think any of the lads are naughty, cheeky, yeah they are cheeky. I don't think that there are any naughty lads in the group.
Jack Brooks facial hair is naughty!

Can you not pin him down and shave it off ?

we have had some words about it , he looks like Zorro!!!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Good question, chances are I will be involved in cricket in  a coaching capacity somewhere, where though  I have no idea.
 I love Yorkshire and would love to be  sitting here in 10 years time still coaching them, that's a long way in the future and with the evolution of the club and the team, its very rare for someone to have 14-15 years as a First Team Coach.
Would that be best for the team?. If it is and I am still here then it means  that the club is going in the right direction and I must be doing something right!
It's a long way in the future though.

 You were a Pro at Rishton in the Lancashire League, did you ever consider working with Lancashire?
I was, that is good knowledge!
I only had half a season with Rishton, I was coming back after breaking my leg in Sri Lanka in 1999, so I missed most of the 1999-2000 season in Australia, I think that I played the last 3 Sheffield Shield games and then we had a whole winter off . I spent the early part of the  summer  playing in the Lancashire League and I took the time to get myself right,prepare for the weekend of cricket, so that I could keep up my fitness, play some games, take some wickets.
Then  I got called up to play International Cricket again, so I only got to be there for half a season.
It was a shame to leave it was a good time, I  really enjoyed it and met some great people.
Great time and some good laughs.

I was at Chester Le Street in 2006 and was  lucky enough to see you take 6-37 against Durham, I remember it vividly, what do you remember about it?

The one wicket that I remember was getting Otis Gibson LBW to a ball that bounced about ankle height from back of a length.I knew that I would get the LB decision and Otis just walked off laughing, I remember if because it was my only 5fer  for Yorkshire.
I played two seasons and it was unacceptable for an overseas fast bowler, to only get one five wicket haul in two seasons. I underachieved massively  as an overseas player, so I do remember it, taking those wickets.
I needed to take some wickets, and  Chester le Street which is one of my favourite grounds.
I always put it in my top 10 when you sit around with players and other coaches doing your top 10 grounds in the world, That ground has always been in my Top 10.
I have always enjoyed bowling there.
it's a massive ground and when you are player waiting to go out to bat or bowl, and now as a Coach sitting on the balcony looking out over to the castle in the background, its a wonderful backdrop.
There is a lovely feel about the place, it's big enough to be an international ground and is very modern but still has a 'feel' about it.

You unknowingly gave me the best birthday present in 2011 

Unknowingly? what did I do? what did I say?

It was announced on 15th November that you had taken the role of First Team Coach with Yorkshire, what made you take the job?

Well I suppose the question that you have to ask is why not?
I was at the time coaching in Zimbabwe, I hadn't had much coaching experience as such, I done bits and pieces, coached the South Australia Country team, been out in the IPL, Australia A.
Then after I had been in Zimbabwe for a couple of seasons I got contacted by Martyn Moxon. He said the club were restructuring  and that a role with the First Team might suit me. Would I apply, I spoke to my wife and decided to apply for it and I did my interview over the phone from Zimbabwe which was interesting!!!.

I remember the past interviews that I  had applied for had been in Australia, assistant coaches roles. I remember thinking that  I was telling them what I thought  they wanted to hear, I vowed I would never do that again and when I got the chance with Yorkshire I just told the interview panel how I wanted to run a team, how I thought the best way forward for Yorkshire would be, and two hours later Frog ( Martyn Moxon) rang me and offered me the position.
I didn't have to take too much time to think about it.
It is the biggest club in the world, club that I played for, and an incredible opportunity for someone like me  with  not  a lot of coaching experience,. how could I not want to be here?
They knew me  and so I accepted,  it was a great opportunity, I had a good relationship with Frog.
Another reason that I accepted it was because the  club had been relegated, hadn't been performing well in first class or in short forms either, looking at the squad  I saw a great group of players, I loved to have the opportunity to try and  help them perform well and  achieve something .
And I'm still here so it must be going OK!

When the season started Yorkshire were 8 men down Captain Gale on suspension, 6 out with England and then Ryan with calf injury, What was your plan of action at the time?

Well it was very simple, everyone could look at it negatively, we were losing all these players, I really saw it as a great chance for us to give some of the young lads a go. Will Rhodes, Alex Lees got to captain the side, we had Pujara as oversea player who did quite well. Young Matt Fisher got a couple of games, I saw it as a positive.
 We knew Jonny was away and I have all the faith in the world with Andrew Hodd I think that he is one of the  best glovemen  in the country.
So I didn't see all doom and gloom, I knew these guys needed to step up and do a job, it was just about giving them a chance to do that, letting them know that they have your support and get them out playing,  fortunately they were able to do that!
Matt Fisher is an absolutely fantastic  young bowler and he is only going to get better for that experience.
Will Rhodes who is not an opener, we saw something in him and  thought  he can do a job for us whilst Lythy is away. So we made it clear to him that this was his position rain hail  or shine, there were 4-5 games and whether he got  ducks, I was going to persevere with him, and I told him, that I was backing him in this job until Lythy's back and we would go from there. it gave him a lot of confidence.

I personally think that you have one of the strongest teams with a good  back up system.

Well it does test our resources when our players are with England and then a couple of injuries, we feel that the plans we have in place, the structure that we have in place, the 2nd XI academy is  our way forward.
We back our players to come through that, and what I say to all the young players is

'You're not here to make up numbers, you are here to perform and do your job, If you get picked for the 1st team you are expected to do the job'

They love that, they know that they will be rated on their performance, it's not work experience, the by product of it is that they are getting experience.And that's great.
They have to go out and perform, get thrown in the deep end in work life , it's  can be sink or swim, and we trust our lads to swim, It gets results

Since 2012 you have taken Yorkshire from Division 2 , to County Champions, what are your aspirations for next season?


Because we aren't going to talk about the end of this season

What you have got to remember is, you said 'I ' have taken them, I haven't, its much more of a team effort, the lads have empowered themselves to go and perform, you also can't underestimate Martyn's influence.
They have responded well to their captain and we make sure that there is a lot of clarity about everything that we do, whether its their training, prep, what  we are trying to achieve out there, pretty clear plan when we are bowling, or batting, sort of keep it as simple as possible.
One thing I haven't tried, is to reinvent the wheel by any stretch, because cricket is very simple, its about hitting, catching and bowling. If you keep it as basic as that with a little help along the way, little technical things that you can work on, little tweaks to improve performance, by and large its about attitude. I'm a big one for that, you have to have a good attitude about it..
Its can be hard as cricket is a team game but there are lots of individual things and its how that individual marries that up with team goals, its intertwined, and I think that you need good team spirit.
Some guys in cricket or any sport are there for themselves, that's the nature of the beast.
You have to find the right balance and I think that we have that at Yorkshire.

It's not been a good T20 season for the club, personally I am not too keen on all the 'razzamatazz' of short form cricket, I can see that it is money maker for clubs. How do you see these matches?

They are really important.
My favourite format of the game is the long form of cricket I love Test cricket that's my favourite and First class cricket, but I do like T20. Its something that we have to work on, we just haven't quite got our combinations right, players not quite getting it right, I think  myself as well not quite getting the selections right at times. Its just a combinations of all those really.
We get it right sometimes and not others. I think T20 lends itself to that, if you can get on a roll as we did in 2012. you can go all the way.
We also want to learn from the other teams.
 I am off to coach the Adelaide Strikers in the winter and I am hoping that I can bring something back from there to help Yorkshire.
I think that it will be good we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Are you going to bring Glenn Maxwell back next season?

I don't know, I can honestly tell you that  we haven't had any conversations about overseas players at the moment I think we are still pretty excited about the fact that we have signed David Willey.

I was going to actually ask you about that, when I first asked to speak to you it was being rumoured and then it was announced that David was joining you  but if you could choose one other player from around the counties who has caught your eye, who would it be and why?

There are a number of players that catch your eye

*Hints* Jack Shantry 

(laughing) there are a number of players that catch your eye!!!!!, however I will be honest I would rather back our players, but when someone like David Willey comes onto the market and wants to play at Yorkshire, that's just brilliant.

Big thing for him is that he wants to play test cricket and wants to improve his long form game and its a chance for him to work with Ryan, which he wanted.
He didn't come for money there were a number of clubs  offering more financial incentive, but he wants to play Test cricket and feels that coming to Yorkshire is his best way of going someway towards that.
and it was refreshing to hear that it wasn't about money , Dave is brilliant and I am really looking forward to working with him as are all the support staff.

So I take it you didn't look at Jack Shantry?

We haven't looked at Jack Shantry, I  did however play cricket with his brother.


Yes Adam lovely bloke, Jacks a lovely bloke, Adam is now coaching at Shrewsbury School.

Yes, he is working with a friend of mine.

Ah  OK,  but no we haven't been going down the Jack Shantry path.

I'm gutted!!!!!

I can tell, you're blushing!!!

I hate to see negative things being said about Yorkshire on social media. My philosophy is that you can't win them all and if you did it would be  very boring! I also don't hold with being abusive about the club you are suppose to support. How do you feel when you see negative things written?

Its very simple for me if there is any thing negative or abusive on social media, its very simple I just block them. There are no second chances, no ifs or buts. I think that social media is really good to get a message out there and promote the club,which is what I do as much as I can.
If there is any negativity towards the club or any of our players or myself then its a  its a block. I just have a very simple block policy.

I keep it simple, any negativity  abuse I just block them and its dealt with.
I even had a letter sent to the club saying 'Please unblock me because I like reading you'
and no I won't unblock you, you shouldn't have done it in the first place.
This is a lesson that needs to be learnt, social media is  something that everyone is still learning about.
Sometimes people have to learn a tough lesson.
Just think  before you tweet, would be my message to people.

Next weekend is the One Day Cup Semis, how  do you see this?

I am just excited for the lads, excited for the club, its a great  opportunity for us to fill the stadium, and opportunity for the players to go out and show their skills really.
For me I am just genuinely excited, I am looking forward to seeing Richards Dawson our former second team coach, who is head coach there and Ian Harvey, I have been delighted with seeing him being successful, BUT  I am hoping that they are not going to be successful come the weekend.
It will be good to see them, I am pleased as punch for them.
From our perspective I am just really excited, lets get out there, lets put on a show,lots of people come and support us, that will be my message to the lads, Lets get out there, its a Semi Final, uncharted territory,lets just go and play.

Can we do 'The Double' 

Look its a long way off lets not speculate on anything like that. we will just go out and play as good cricket as we can.

You are understandable popular on the After Dinner and Q &  A circuit, I know that there is a 'Cricket Dinner with Jason Gillespie' in London in October, do you really enjoy doing these?

I do, doing too many of them I find I get a bit bored with.
 I do Q & A's with my mate Dave Callaghan to raise some money for charity, We try to raise the profile of the club and cricket in general and I never get tired of telling my test double hundred story.

Oh I was going to ask you about that but thought 'no he will be sick of talking about it'!!

Its something that I always talk about in my after dinner speaking.

When the 'other' record  for ' last double hundred  by an Australian on foreign soil' was broken this summer, did you feel any regret?

Ah when Steve Smith did that I wasn't bothered, it was about bloody time, look I shouldn't be holding any batting records.

However the 201  by a number 10 batsman is still a world record and single greatest innings!!!

Have you ever been asked to  officially 'open' a cricket wicket?

Ehhh no!!!!!

Well next time you are passing Newton Aycliffe can you call in  and officially open the 'wicket' in my garden?

*Lots of laughter*  (nervous laughter!!!)

I am actually sitting here talking to one  of my  greatest  cricket heroes, ( and shaking like a leaf),

Thats very kind of you to say.

Who is your cricket hero?

I love Dennis Lillee I  was fortunate enough when I went to the cricket academy to meet him, I got to spend some time with him  at cricket and socially which was  a surreal time for me.
Really any former Australian cricketers  were heroes  of mine, these guys had done what I wanted to do. I looked up to all of them, I'm a bit of a cricket tragic, a badger, I used to learn every ones averages, how many tests they had played, I've forgotten a lot of it now. I do love my cricket trivia, I love the game.

I'll name a few of my heroes, Dennis Lillee, Merv Hughes, Craig McDermott, you know I got to open the bowling with one of my great heroes who became one of my great mates. Glenn McGrath, a great man and I  consider him a close mate.
From other countries I can't go past  the late, great Malcolm Marshall, who was unbelievable,  he was a wonderful cricketer, a wonderful person, I was lucky enough to meet him a couple of times, he was such a nice bloke  to me in the couple of dealings I had with him. Sadly he is gone, but never forgotten.

In your cricketing life what would you say is your greatest moment/moments.?
Oh I have been really lucky in my cricketing life, playing for Australia, playing for Yorkshire and now coaching Yorkshire.
Playing in an Ashes winning team has to have been  one of the greatest moments.
I have had many great moments.

In my cricketing life this has to have been one of my greatest moments, thank you for taking the time to talk to me and answer some very mundane questions.

*laughing*  My pleasure.


Jason Gillespie otherwise known as Gillespie the Gallant, has figured  in my blog from day one and was the absolute perfect interviewee!

I have to say that was the best hour  I have spent in a long time!

My thanks to him for agreeing to talk to me.

Just to mention that yesterday 'My Tykes' wrapped up their match against Somerset, winning by an innings and 126 runs..............................................Little Miss Chatterbox was actually silenced!!!!!


Roll on Sunday and the semi final!!!!