Sunday, 13 September 2015


Well, we had known this since Wednesday afternoon, but My Tykes' finally got the chance to get their hands on the trophy late yesterday afternoon...................................however I have to say that they did lose to Middlesex. Which will have made  'El Presidenti' Harry Latchman smile.

It did break their unbeaten run this season but I can live with that.

More importantly, Captain Gale, got the chance to to step up and collect the trophy. A great moment and as I watched it, I have to say that I had a tear in my eye ( I actually full out blubbed). A great moment for him, and well deserved.

And then as they all got stuck into the champers, so did I  and by midnight, I was sound asleep on the sofa and  woke up after 2am with the weekly copy of The Newton News ( local rag which highlights the great town of Newton Aycliffe!!), stuck to my cheek!!!!!  Very fetching!!

I am sure 'my boys' were still partying as I dragged myself into bed.

This morning I am feeling a little delicate and am typing this from my bed. Yes I am still in it and not stripping it bare to throw into the washing machine.

My head is a little 'bangy' so I am taking it steady, which I doubt any of  those Tykes did.

I need to take some tablets and 'Lady up'.

I have power tools and I am going to use them!!!

Yes more DIY at the Chateau, well the 'Boot Room' blind is not going to put itself up!!.........

Its a short one today but what more is there to say


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