Friday, 18 September 2015


'Ahhhh the best day of the week' as Dan Dan Cowboy ( now retired) Draughtsman used to say.

Yes indeedy it is the best day of the working week, and a good day to bring good news to all my readers.

'My Boys' made the most amazing comeback yesterday after a declaration and a forfeit of an innings by Hampshire who were obviously soooooo sure that they had my Tykes on the ropes.Really though, fair play to the Southern boys they decided to make a game of it, it just didn't go the way they planned.
Captain Gale and The Lovely Jack Leaning had a blinder of a match, with the Captain hitting 125 and TLJL 76..
It was Little Timmy Bresnan and  Andrew Hodd who saw my boys over the line with 4.4 overs to spare.
A win AND the championship record for the number of points in a season ( since going into two divisions) 265,and still a game in hand.

 I forgot to mention yesterday that the ECB have scrapped all plans to change the set up of the County game system so we are staying with 16 games. Wooooohoooooo that is brilliant news.
Although I did read somewhere that some clubs want to see the season start in March ( YES I AM ALL FOR THAT) and to play some matches abroad (NOT TOO SURE ABOUT THAT).

and now the bad news

Poor old Worcestershire who had played their hearts out at The Riverside Ground against Durham, sadly could not bowl the home team now and are relegated, This is a flipping dilemma for I Lady Lainey as I will not be able to ogle  admire the strange bowling action of Jack Shantry next season.


and not forgetting that there is only one match left in the season.
that is the biggest BOOOOHOOOOO of all

right enough of that,

time to head off to the sunny resort of Ladylaineyworkville ( it is actually chucking it down). I think that in light of 'My Tykes. being such super champions, I will fore go shouting at boys and scare the flipping life out of them by smiling all day and being super nice.

Happy F(ryan)day.

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