Sunday, 6 September 2015

Headingley here I come

I am up dressed and nearly ready for the off.

Food is packed and I have even had my nails painted with  dark blue, pale yellow and pale blue dots ready for  the big day.

To say that I am excited is an understatement. I was in bed before 9pm last night. I did however wake up at 1 am and got upto see if I could flipping well see the moon being replicated or whatever the hoohaa was. Well there was so much cloud that I couldn't even see the moon, so I toddled off back to my bed, for a few hours more sleep.

Now I am trying to get this posted so that I can set off in the Lady Lainey limo for my beloved Headingley.

Yesterday I managed to get all the  washing done and dried outside as well, as having Pete the Pigeon poop on my clean and dry bedding!!!I am taking this as a signal of good luck!!

I got the lawns  in the extensive rear gardens of the Chateau mown and 'weeded and feeded', as well as planting out my white laveneder.
Then I settled down to watch the ODI .

Why is it that when ever Ben Stokes plays there is always 'something' going on!!!.

Well yesterday was no exception, he was  off his mark to take a run when Mitchell Starc, caught the ball and threw it to the stumps. Stokes used his hand to get it out of his way.
He was deemed out for obstructing the field.
Then al hell broke out. Umpires makinf decisions, England ODI captain giving 'harsh looks' to any Australian who came within range.

Stokes went back to the dressing room where I am guessing any locker, bat, door, person who got in his way will have taken the brunt of his temper.

And then twitter lit up like a christmas tree.

For my part I have to say that the booing of the 'England fans'  at Lords was shocking. It is not in the spirit of the game.
The Umpires decision  is final.
99.9% of the fans there yesterday would not have even known about law 37.
99.9% of the fans there yesterday would have been cheering if it had been the 'other side'
Mithcell Starc has a lovely smile

England lost and I think that there was a bit of a 'poet mortem' after the match.

To be honest the 'Stokes thing' needs to be put to rest as soon as possible, so that the team can moveon.

OK that is the last that I say about it.

I am now about to set off as I am too excited to sit inthe house a minute longer.

See you on the other side of this Semi final match when I will be either super bouncy happy,or preparing for  bigger things!!!


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