Saturday, 19 September 2015

I am in agony!!!!!!!

Oh my dog!!!!! I am in complete agony and cannot even lift a cup of coffee to my cake hole to have a drink to wash down the handful of painkillers I am trying to take.

I have had no sleep either or very little in fact at 4.30am I considered walking round to Tesco and get the things that I needed for lunch with Dame Didi.

What is wrong????? I hear you all shouting.

Well ever since I took the extensive grounds of the Chateau in hand I have been battling with tennis elbow, this is the elbow which I very badly broke and had in plaster for a million months and then had another million months getting the flipping joint moving again.

You may remember I slipped in the grounds on wet leaves last year just before my birthday and chipped the bone and since then I have had more problems with it.

Most of this is due to the weight of the handbag that I carry ( this is true and has been corroborated by my quack, as well as the fact that the handbag is also responsible for putting my back out too). I have tried to empty the bag out, ( still filled it up), used a smaller handbag ( no good then carried 2 bags to lug around necessary junk). And used a 'back pack' type bag ( not a good luck with your Jimmy Choo's and Chanel Suit).

Well yesterday after mowing the lawns in the rear extensive grounds and then edging them, I put the lawn mower away and nearly passed out with the pain of 1000 red hot pokers sticking in my elbow.

An ice pack, having it elevated ( I couldn't bear to keep it flat) and pain killers and an early night have done nothing to alleviated the pain.

Now I know that you will think that I am only fit for the knackers yard, but I am sure there is still lots of life in this old dog, so I am trying to brave it out.

I am off to Tesco now , then I will make lunch for the Dame and I, AND then I will lie around on the chaise lounge and watch the cricket because today is Royal London One Day Final.

Yes Surrey are taking on Gloucestershire.

I am backing Gloucestershire and I hope that this is not kiss of death for them.

Hope that I feel better tomorrow.

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