Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I'm a Lady get me out of here

Oh my dog!!!!!!! I was out of Super Swanky Lady Lainey office for 3 days and I return to complete 'boysville'.

Yes I spent most of yesterday being subjected to tales of football ( a real no no ).
Tales of 'goings on' at home  ( a definate no no).
And the worst constant wind breaking competition ever ( NO NO NO!!!).
 I cannot believe that in three days they had turned from'little boys' to savages, it is 'Lord of the Flies' ( or Lord of the Pies judging by all the 'Taylors' carrier bags in the cleaners cupboard!)but in an office. My goodness if I had been away any longer they would have used Pony Pauls glasses to set fire to their drawings.

I am seriously hoping that I can retire soon because I am not sure that another year with those three will do me any good.

What did do me good though was the news that filtered through from The Cricket Writers Lunch.
The hacks had only decided that Jonny Bairstow was their player of the year. And quite rightly I say.

They also announced that The Lovely Jack Leaning was the Young player of the year.( little swoon from Her Ladyship there )

Well  no arguing with that either and I know that @mrsonthemount will be jolly glad that our two 'little friends' from the T20  did so well.

THEN I read that Phil Simmons has been suspended as the coach of the West Indies!!!  What on earth had he been up to?????
Well he had been critcal of the selections for the team.
I would have thought that as Coach he could  had  some input but it doesn't seem as if he was able to.

now I like Phil Simmons, I had some lovely days watching Ireland play at Darlington CC  ( when he was the coach of the men in green) and he very gallantly came and sat with me, noting that I was on my own,chatting about the team, a lovely man.

I hope that it all gets sorted soon.

Domestic season may be over but its kicking off internationally!!!

Tonight see the PCA Awards and I personally have my fingers crossed that Jonny Bairstow does well. He deserves it, what a flipping trooper he has been this season.

Anyhoo time to get a wriggle on and as I now have tennis elbow in both elbows it is harder that ever. Good job I never comb my hair as that would be impossible!!!!!.

Have a great day, what ever you are doing

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