Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Joyeaux Anniversaire ma soeur

Joyeaux Anniversaire
Joyeaux Anniversaire
Joyeaux Anniversaire ma soeur
Avoir une belle journee

yes it is the birthday of My sister Dame Didi. I am hoping that she has a wonderful day.

It is also the birthday  of oldest School friend Duchess Debbie the Wise, she is celebrating her 21st birthday ( again).
Fancy My sister and my oldest friend having the same birthday, stranger still, Duchess Debbies mummy and I also share the same birthday!!! How very strange!!!!!

Anyhoo Didi I hope that you have had breakfast in bed and all the housework done, and the kitchen cleaned and tidied, although I know that this will not have happened unless you have done it.

Have a great day and enjoy your birthday.

Yesterday was not a great day for Nottinghamshire as they were beaten in the semi by Surrey. Not a team I have much time for but one that now they are promoted and may have some silverware, will become more appealing to one of their 'players'.

The final is a week on Saturday and I am backing Gloucestershire.........................there said it and we all know what that means.

Now @funsophe and I are putting plans into place to head off to The Headingley Lodge next season to see Yorks v Notts at some point. which will be super dooper fun!!!

Today will see My Tykes trundling down the M1  as they head to Lords and a BIG WEEK for them.

I am excited/ and feel very sick all at the same time, goodness knows what I  will be like tomorrow.

However today sees the  third One Day International against Australia and this time lests hope that it is without drama and poor sportsmanship.

I see that Ben Stokes is still not letting the 'obstructing' thing go, he says that he did not willfully handle the ball. well after all his years of playing cricket I think that he would know better. Now let it go!!!

I did a bit more digging in the garden last night and also edged the lawn which seems to be looking a lot better. I am hoping to get the  other side of the extensive grounds sorted this weekend and it will be ready for paving slabs.
Then I only have the Deer park to sort out and jobs a good 'un. 
This time next year I am hoping that it will all be looking much better.

Autumn is on the way as I noticed that the chuffing massive Horsechestnut tree at the front of the chateau is now starting to change colour which will mean lots fo sweeping and burning of leaves.........................flippping heck I have so much to look forward to once he cricket is over!!!!

and so much to look forawrd to in super swanky Lady Lainey office. so guess I had better head off!!


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Anonymous said...

She don't have much colour on this picture does she??? You would have thought that making her walk around the whole of the perimeter of Sheffield United Football Ground would have put some colour in her cheeks.