Sunday, 20 September 2015

Lazy Sunday? Doubt it.

Another morning worn out, another hideous night due to  pain from my elbow, but hey the painkillers are kicking in now so that makes it all OK, and in 10 more minutes I will not care!!

Now to say that this is not my own fault is an understatement, yesterday I had such a massive flurry of activity it was unbeleivable. Firstly I  cooked a million things including  lentil dhal, crust less veggie  quiche,  spinach falafel, butternut, carrot and chillie soup and then I  set to with the cherry brandy, plum brandy and sloe gin. It should be grand for Xmas.

Dame Didi came for lunch and brought a car full of 'stuff' including a scarifyer and tree loppers. So off I went to lop the over hanging trees  that have been stopping my stunning white hydrangea getting some sun..

No wonder my elbow is on fire, ice packs ( well frozen peas and beans) work for a while. I know what I should be doing but I have a scarifyer now and I intend by next summer to have my back lawns like cricket pitches.................................outfields that is.

I also took to the chaise longue for a good part of the day, watching Surrey and Gloucestershire battling it out for the One Day Trophy, I was quite concerned that by backing  Gloucestershire I had jinxed them, and as they lost wickets early I was beginning to think that was the case.

Surreys Jade Dernbach ( or derbac as Dame Didi thought it was as she sat chuckling about his 'comb'!!!!), took 6-35 including a hat-trick, but it was to no avail, the Gloucestershire boys fought back and had a very well deserved win.

The interval on Sky  was brilliant as it had the 5th part of 'Cricketing Yorkshire' and  showed my boys collecting the Trophy at Lords. Ahhhhh I have so loved the behind the scenes footage of my boys it's been a great series.

So now the dishwasher is finished, the washing machine is on spin and I am off to scarify the lawns.

No peace for the pretty

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