Monday, 7 September 2015

My champions

So yesterday I hotfooted it down the A1, and headed off to Headingley. By 8.30am I was parked up  and walking the two minutes to the ground.
As was the whole of Yorkshire by the flipping look of it. I was drinking my black coffee ( more about the later) and listening to the grumbling as we 'queued' up to get it.
hahahaha men will moan about anything.

'Ahhmm not standing in't queue ahmm a member '

'Whats up wi em all, should be chuffing working faster'

I was basking in the sunshine and loving just being at Headingley.

So in we got and I settled down to have some breakfast, fruit salad, and coconut oil yogurt ( more about that later).

I got 'my' seat down on the boundary and had a chat with a lovely couple sitting along from me.

I watched the boys warming up and HRR was with them too.

Yorkshire were put into bat, Lyth and Lees took to the field. They racked up some runs ( well Lyth did ). Lees fell having scored  21 and lovely Jack Leaning ( little heart throb of the Lady and the Mrs on the Mount)  only made 8!!!.

Luckily Lyth hit 96.
Yorkshire made 263-9
I, Lady Lainey was also on the television, quite a few times actually and it did  not go unnoticed as I was informed on Twitter :-)!!!

During the break, I had a walk about, bumped into Mrs Bairstow and also had some lunch ( rocket, spinach and red cabbage, with olives, tomatoes and cucumber. 2 apples a snack pack of grapes and some nuts. )

I then had another  cup of black coffee and settled down for the Gloucestershire innings.
OK long story short, I was on television another couple of times and Gloucestershire won after a great innings by Klinger and Marshall ( who has more unruly hair than I, Lady Lainey).

I drove home a little sad........................BUT we have much bigger fish to fry and I am focusing on that.

Right so after a conversation with a vegan, I have taken a 30 day challenge and am eating and living a vegan lifestyle. The leather shoes are packed away! and No meat,fish, dairy or eggs will ( hopefully ) be passing my lips for the next 30 days, luckily I made an abundance of lentil dhal  so I could be living on that for the next 29 days.

Right off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office to settle down a little.

I also will be cheering on Nottinghamshire today in their bid to get to the One Day Final.

Off to have my porridge now ( made with water and with added almond milk).

A tout a l'heure

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