Friday, 25 September 2015

The best Hotel ( and yes it's F(ryan)day)

yes it's F(ryan)day and it is also the last day of the domestic cricket season, and it is the last time I will be staying at the wonderful Headingley Lodge this year.

This is for me the best hotel in the world..............yes really,where else do you wake up and open the curtains to see this?

Or (  the first time that I stayed) sleep in the Geoffrey Boycott Suite. Sadly the picture of Geoffrey on the wall freaked me out so much that I had to put a towel over it.

The rooms are spacious, the beds are huge and much more importantly, the staff are exceptional. I can't wait to get back there next season.

I was in The Brian Close suite last night, very special

And last night the hotel was full of Canadian Rugby players!

But back to yesterday and cricket.

The weather turned slightly for the worse and rain descended before lunch.

Ballance and Lyth went early, Jonny Bairstow did not fair much better.

Captain Gale hit a half century but failed to make 3 figures, a great end to the season for him though.

And then 'little' Timmy Bresnan came in and  decided that he would hit a half century and he did.
At stumps Yorkshire were  298-9. with a lead of  301.
Sussex do look as if they are in a bit of a pickle.


Well I am up, dressed about to head off up into Headingley  for the last time this season, there is cricket to watch, a trophy to see and then  I have been invited to go over to Pontefract after the game to have dinner with besty friends Sam and Simon.

It's the last day of cricket and to be honest I am a little bit sad!

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