Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The best laid plans........

As you know yesterday morning as I was busy typing away at my blog, I did mention that it was raining........yes well it continued raining, and raining and  rained a bit more but in a flipping more torrential style and then due to the rain  my BIG SURPRISE had to be cancelled!!!!

Well if you have ever seen I, Lady Lainey cry then you know I can produce more water than can fall out of the sky and so in all it was a jolly wet morning!

I set off to Leeds and decided to go and do a spot of shopping and have some lunch, and by the time I should have been sorting out my surprise,  I had already seen Somerset doing a spot of training ( and Peter Trego doing a spot of injury).

Then Pink Hippo and I got all  tucked up in bed at The Headingley Lodge watching England V Australia T20.
Soon to be new Tyke David Willey took 2 wickets and Australia manged to give everyone in England a bit of a scare as it did look as if they were going to win,however England pulled it back and won by 5 runs. 

Once the match was over I decided to go and investigate 'The Dickie Bird Balcony. Not your usual balcony but at least somewhere for the players to have a 'proper' sit. I have been in the viewing gallery that the players used and I can tell you it is tiny.

After that I decided to do three laps of Headingley and did it at a fair brisk walk/jog,which I am going to do again now, if only to get some fresh air and clear my head......................

and no there was no alcohol consumed even though I was tempted to hit the pub.

Then I will settle down to watch the match before meeting the lovely Gill from Melanoma UK and heading off home.

So sorry to disappoint with no 'big surprise', I am not the kind of Lady who fails to deliver but sadly this time it was out of my hands.

Have a great Tuesday

Its the 1st of September

White Rabbits.

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