Sunday, 27 September 2015

The end of season party continued

After a long breakfast with besty friends Sam and Simon in Pontefract, I headed back north to prepare myself for the fact that there would be very few jaunts away over the next few months due to it really being the end of the cricket season.

Arriving home at 'Le Chateau de Champions' ( yes it is still able to retain that name), I got on with the 'usual' stuff , yes bags emptied and the washing machine went on. Three loads later and having forgotten that I no longer have a washing line!!!!!! The chateau resembled a laundry and I was running out of available space to hang my smalls.

I had decided that an early night was in order and that there would be only mineral water passing my lips..............ah yes the best laid plans.
One  phone call from besty friend Christine resulted in my jogging round to her house and spending the evening sampling wine and being sat on by a 9 stone doberman, whilst a three legged lurcher and a German shepherd tried their hardest to get on the sofa next to me.

Which also explains why the blog is late being posted and the fact that I am writing this from my bed.

Yes I am not only feeling like there is a drill in my head, but I do not think that I will be doing a lot of anything today...................

However I do have some crickety things to report.

Yorkshire won the County Championship in case you didn't know

Yorkshire finished the season with 286 points the highest amount by any team since the set up of two divisions.

Yorkshire won 11 matches, most amount of matches won by a team since the set up of  two divisions

Yorkshire are just the best team in the whole flipping world.

Now I am going back to sleep for a little most of the day.

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