Saturday, 26 September 2015

what to do for next 6 months

So Friday saw 'my boys' beat Sussex which in turn meant that Sussex joined Worcestershire in Division 2.

It did mean that Hampshire got another go in Div 1.

Friday also saw Sussex's Michael Yardy play his last match. And a sight that made I Lady Lainey totally blub.
Yardy was bowled out by "little' Timmy Bresnan and then all the Yorks boys ran over to shake his hand pat him on the back and the balcony was full with both sides clapping him off.
I fair choked trying to stop crying. A great scene of good sportsmanship.

I was also chatting to a gentleman I met at Scarbados a couple of years ago. Yes he recognised me by my hair!

My boys were 're presented ' with the trophy and then were partaking in more champagne. They will need to 'detox' for the next 6 months!!!.

Then I drove out of Leeds headed to Pontefract were I spent a wonderful evening with besty friends Sam & Simon.
A great night with lots of laughter, what better
 people to round off the cricket season with.

So I am typing this on my phone in bed being very lazy!!!

Think I had best get up.

Keep an eye out for a couple of very exciting blogs

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