Sunday, 11 October 2015

a day of rest I think!

Yes today I think that I am going to take it easy.
Yesterday was a bit full on what with shopping and then washing every washable thing in the Chateau, and then cooking,  by 12.30pm I had taken myself off to mon boudoir for a lie down ( and to hide from Kiki who was threatening to call in even though I had said no).

I whipped up some super wonderful food including the most amazing vegan fruit and nut cake ( I can tell you that this morning there is not a lot of that left).

I had a nap and then got myself all dressed up and waited for the roar of the Ferrari as I  was treated to another evening out,
This one is however tinged with a bit of sadness as Black Knight is now off to Singapore/Hong Kong/Australia and New Zealand where he is going to be doing some business.He expects to be back by Xmas or New Year at the latest.
Good for him though as he puts all the rubbish of the last two years behind him and gets on with it.
A lesson that I need to take on board!!!!!!

We toddled down to swanky  restaurant in local village, scene a while ago of a bit of a set too with the owner over a forgotten booking.
I looked at Black Knight and said

'I thought you were never to darken the door of this establishment'

Black Knight looked at me and said

'We'll see'

Needless to say that we had a fine fillet steak with an array of fabulously fattening trimmings!!

We (I) had a bottle of champagne  (on the house).
The meal was lovely and surprisingly no matter how much we were offered free coffee and brandy, BK said no and we headed back to mine for  coffee,homemade cherry brandy and vegan cake.

How we got the full VIP treatment in the restaurant I will be never ( and probably do not want to ) know, but I am guessing that they have missed out on some high spending business dinners of late!!!!
I was tucked up in bed by 11.30 pm and surprisingly sober, Black Knight roared off  home to finish packing his smalls ready for the off on Wednesday.
Exciting times ahead for him.

I am up and have the TV on as I am watching India V South Africa in the ODI,  then at 12.30pm today ( and  I am recording it) we have the final instalment of 'Cricketing Yorkshire'. I am both sad and excited about seeing this ( and no doubt will be watching it a million times over the coming months).

I love a bit of AB!!!!

I also have more junk  treasures to sell on ebay  which will help in the continued 'slimming down' of all thing  in The Chateau.

And then it will nearly be time for bed and to start the week all over again!

Have a super smashing Sunday

And don't forget we have England cricket action starting on Tuesday

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