Tuesday, 20 October 2015

can now add engineer to my CV

Yes indeedy,I was t'internet -less yesterday morning as I couldn't be bothered to get my butt out of bed and sort out my new Sky box thingy that went 'live' yesterday.

So I came home from Super swanky Lady Lainey office and  'Hey Presto' I plugged it in and had my beloved broadband back!

So now I am lying in bed doing my blog on my laptop.

Talk is going on a the ICC about using different coloured balls during test when they are under floodlights.
Hmmm the purist in me is now starting to get a little angry.
If they are thinking about changing the colour of balls under floodlights lets do something really shocking and play the game in DAYLIGHT!!!! As it was meant to be played. Then we could use the red ball and play in whites as cricket was meant to be played.

All this flipping fussing around with day/night game, changing the colour of the ball, third umpires who make decisions that two men out in the middle are paid to do but don't............................oooohhh do  not get me started on a rant, it has taken me nearly 20 years to get used to coloured clothing.

Hell when I am the Queen of cricket......................well that's for another day.

I try not to make the bog political in any way shape or form as that is all too boring, however when it creeps into my beloved cricket I  find it very sad. Over in India, the Pakistan umpire Aleem Dar will take no further part in the series against South Africa.
Due to difficult  relations between India and Pakistan and a storming of the Indian Cricket Council by Far right Hindu nationalists, it was decided that he would be replaced.

Over in Nottinghamshire, Peter Moores has extended his contract as Coaching consultant for a further two years. Lets hope that Big Lukey gets something out of this.

Well word from the scuttlebutt is that the 'Big Boss' is up at Super swanky Lady Lainey office Thursday or Friday, although at the moment we are unsure which day it is.One thing is for sure, Trill Boy will struggle through the day being on  his best behaviour.

Oh well best get a wriggle on got the barnet to wash and today I am going to rock my over the knee boots to the office.

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