Friday, 2 October 2015

First F(ryan)day of the close season

Thank  goodness it is F(ryan)day and the end of the working week, also the day that the Lady Lainey Limo  is going into the garage for a check over. I am hoping that is comes through that all ship shape.

However none of that will matter really as the early part of the weekend I will be chauffeur driven  around when   Black Knight of the Ferrari and I head off out and about. Still not sure where but I know that it will be fun.

Big news is that Australia have cancelled their tour to Bangladesh which should have started in Chittagong on  9/10 ( scene of Gillespie the Gallant getting his double century), however due to security worries they have cancelled the tour. A lot has been made of this decision, I however  do err on the side of 'better to be safe than sorry' and at the moment  I think that it is better to be safe!

So last night was the Yorkshire 'Big Dinner & Do' when all kinds of shenanigans and malarkey took place ( I am guessing,as I wasn't there to witness).

The results that came through for the players were that,
Alex Lees was Fielder of the year.

The Lovely Jack Leaning was Young Player of the year and I think that myself and Samantha Gosney put those votes in.

Jonny  'Give it 'ere' ,was Players Player of the year and I think that Samantha Gosney and I will agree with that!!!

Jonny also got the Members player of the year..................although I would have gone for His Royal Ryanness myself.

He was though recognised for his 700 wickets which is MEGA achievement!!!!!!

They look to have had a great night and lots of Wensleydale cheese too!!!!

I in  the meantime  am panicking about what I am going to wear  if I have to go anywhere really flashy tonight or Saturday night.BKOTF says I would look good in a plastic bag, but he is a boy and what do they know!

Anyhoo this is mega short as I have to drop the car off super early and believe me I am typing this when most of you are still snoring your jolly old heads off.

Happy F(ryan)day and as I was reminded last night by besty friend Fun Soph we are now in October and so much closer to April and the start of the cricket season.

I could not have put it better!!!!!

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