Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Full of cold and not happy

Oh lordy,   I am full of cold, raging temperature and  sore throat..............................I feel rubbish.

And I have to go to the office which will be cold.

Well nothing else that I can do except take liquids and tablets to try to ease my aches and ailments,  I can hardly drum up any enthusiasm.

Which is how I felt after England lost against Pakistan. Even though Adil Rashid tried very hard to make a stand.
Captain Cook stated that their first innings collapse contributed to them losing....................................ehhhhh I would have thought that the cricketing community knew this already and did not need it highlighting. The majority of us watched or listened to it!!!

I suppose we will just have to see what happens  in the next test.

And so it begins!!! yes the talk of T20 rebranding looks to be starting. Gloucesterashire may rebrand themselves as Bristol!!
I can see it now,

Middlesex will become St Johns Wood Warriors

Durham will become Chester le Street Chargers

Lancashire will become Manchesters Madhatters

Surrey will be Kennington Kings

And my Tykes will be Lady Lainey's Leeds 'Leven!

yes I think that you get the drift. And I guess that you can see that I do not like the idea at all. Call me a purist, T20 does not float my boat but I know that it is vital to clubs to bring in much needed quick cash.
And it does make for an entertaining evening with Sam and Simon Gosney especially after a few Proseccos!! ( not to mention naughty Glenn Maxwell and Jonny 'give it 'ere' Bairstow)

I just don't get why they have to have a branding for the city.

so time and my nose are running away and it is time for me to hit the road.

I am now going to share my germs with all the office boys. You see I was brought up to share.
I am also off at lunchtime for diamond microdermabrasion, I have this every winter to try to undo the damage sitting out in the sun/wind/and rain at cricket may have done.

Tomorrow my skin will be smooth as a babies bottom.

So until then have a good Tuesday.

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