Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Yes folks it is All Hallows Eve ( All Saints Eve if you live in a Catholic country). The night when you put out your turnip lamp and hope that no children knock on the door saying 'penny for Halloween'.

Well you can wait to your hearts content because for some unknown reason we have gone all American, yes pumpkins, 'trick or treatin'. Lets knock these Americanisations back over the pond and get back to good old English traditions. I remember the smell of candle stubs in turnips, pretty rank it was, but it was part of my childhood.
I tell you before long we will be seeing 'Thanksgiving' menu's appearing in pubs up and down the land as we take on another American celebration. And whilst I am on a rant, the event in December is Christmas, so you wish people Happy Christmas and not 'Happy Holidays'.

Right Saturday started well didn't it?????

I went off to a party last night but as I am still trying to recover from the effects of the cold lurgy thingy I only stayed a couple of hours and then came home.

Over in The UAE , Shane Warne has been giving Adil; Rashid some tips which 'kinda freaked ' me out a bit.

Shane.   So Dilly you seem to have nice white teeth, you won't be needing my dentists number.

Adil.  Err about my bowling...

Shane.  You seem to have a good head of hair, here feel mine you wouldn't believe  that only a few years ago I was going bald.

Adil. Errrrrrr if you don't mind can we get on to my bowling..

Shane And NEVER EVER EVER go out into the field without your Estee Lauder products on, you don't want to get to retirement with crows feet now do you???

Adil  COACH, COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it was something like that.

No team news yet for tomorrow, but remember it all kicks off around 6am

see you back here around that time.

Happy All Hallows Eve

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