Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hurrah!!!! Its the middle of the week

Oh my giddy aunt it is mid week and I am closer to the weekend.

Yesterday saw another trip to see the 'quack' and the news that my Tennis elbow is now tendonitis, which in my book is no different just the same pain and the news that it can take weeks/months to 'fix' did nothing to lighten my mood.

So I am still in considerable pain and looing forward to being this way for weeks to come.
Oh joy!!!!
How on earth am I going to get the last cut of the lawns down, however if the rain continues to lash down as it has the last two nights I may be better off  thinking of building an ark rather than mowing lawns.

So the match in the UAE continued yesterday and Pakistan A and the result was a draw. Mooen Ali took 3 wickets after not being too forthcoming with the bat.

The boys have a day off today and then another two day match  against Pakistan A.

Here in the UK Luke Wright has been named as Captain for Sussex in the forthcoming season.

Ryan ten Doeschate has also renewed his contract with Essex keeping him at the county for another two seasons. I am super glad about this as I have a little soft spot for him. #donttelltheotherryan

I read some disturbing news that Shahadat Hossein the Bangladesh cricketer has turned himself in to the police to face charges of  torturing an 11 year old housemaid.

I am not sure what shocked me more, the fact that a child had been 'tortured/badly treated' or that an 11 year old was employed as a housemaid!!!!!!!
And before I get a backlash of comments re it being a different country and culture, I am just stating my opinion.

I have lots to do today and not a lot of 'get up and go' to push me into doing it, however  what I have done is to sort out some things here at the 'chateau' and reduced some of my bills too.
I also have to go to the bank to sort out why they allowed British Gass to take numerous payments in one month from my bank account.
And then I will be swapping my utilities over.

Yes there seems to be a lot of changes happening behind the scenes here at the chateau and that can only be good thing.

And finally.

It was announced yesterday that Yorkshire have awarded Captain Gale a benefit in 2016. Very well deserved and  I hope to be able to be a little part of it.

It's a short one today, if you have any gossip please do not hesitate to email it to me.

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