Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My new friend Eric

I have a new friend
Eric is his name
I fear my life on Twitter 
 May never be the same

His chat is very witty
And he likes to dress up too
He spends some time with horses
I bet he walks in poo

He like sausages and treats
he gets them if he's good
I bet that's nearly all the time
And he'd pinch them if he could!!

He says he's getting some Speedos
To go swimming in the sea
I seen him in his shower cap 
And his 'camoflagery'

So that's my new friend Eric
Sometimes sleek and sometimes hairier
But what else would you expect  
From a gorgeous Border Terrier


Meanwhile over on Sky England are  Pakistan and as I predicted last Friday Steven Finn is not fit to play!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!

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