Monday, 26 October 2015

Not Monday again

Bluurrghhhhh it be Monday again and I am not in any way, shape, or form ready for it.
I am tired ( no change there then), I don't want to go to the office because it smells...... yes it really does!! and worse on Mondays after office boys have consumed goodness knows what over the weekend, yes it is smellville.

Anyhoo yesterday, very early 8.15am Chris came and picked me up and we headed off to the boot sale. We wandered around for an hour and then decided that we would have a coffee and head off further afield to do some shopping. Oh dear, I came home with two new pairs of shoes and two handbags...................because I needed them!!!

Hmmmmmm I am not allowing myself any more shoes for at least a year. There I have said it and written it down.

And then there was cricket.......................South African style!!!
OMG!!!!! They were playing India in the ODI and the most amazing exhibition of batting took place. Firstly de Kock hit 109, brilliant. Then Faf hit 134 before being taken off after hideous attacks of cramp.
On came AB and OMG he hit 119.
Well India went in to bat and tried but fell short by over 20 runs.
These South African boys are making their mark.

Sadly in Dubai England are not fairing well and I can see a defeat looming even though at this moment the 'Yorkland' boys Root and Bairstow are batting.

I had a little discussion on Twitter with Sophie,she seemed a bit surprised that one of my two 'pet' international teams, was Australia.

Now I have always loved the Aussies and love the way they play.I love their whole attitude to the game.
They show a passion for the game which sometimes I think is missing in others.They do seem to ooze pride in playing for their country.

Now as you know nothing will ever replace my love for my Tykes, but we are lucky at Headingley to have some great 'Yorstralians' playing and coaching.
Ahhh I get the best of both worlds.

A quick round up from the counties.

Durham have extended Ryan Pringle's contract after much speculation on his future.

Kents Adam Riley has extended his contract too.

Northamptonshire who seemed to be in serious financial trouble, have been given a £250,000 loan form Northants County Council.Hopefully this will put them back onto a stable footing for the upcoming season.

So now I am about to head off down the A1 and go through the torture which is work.

I hope that I win the lottery this week or get my dream job, that way I can get back to actually enjoying work again.

A tout a l'heure

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