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Review of the season 2015

Could not arrive quickly enough and I was booked and raring to get to my ‘home’ at The Headingley Lodge and watch ‘My Tykes’ take on Leeds Bradford University. The weather was absolutely glorious and I sat outside in the sunshine chatting to anyone who came within chatter distance of me. I was just glad to be at cricket.
The new floodlights looked amazing too.

His Royal Ryanness wasn’t playing as they were resting ‘the old war horse’ ready for the following week when they were taking on Worcestershire at New Road.
Hmmmm no one could have foreseen that the ‘old war horse’ would damage  a fetlock ( well a very serious calf injury to be precise) and would be out of the game for too many weeks for I,Lady Lainey to contemplate. It was all going so wrong so quickly!
But my boys were winning.
We were all saddened by the loss of Ritchie Benaud. He truly was the voice of cricket.


I was invited to have lunch at Lords with the president of Middlesex CCC. yes I was!!!! Only because it is besty friend in the world and former coach Harry Latchman. As I was not  able to get to Lords for my lunch it was agreed  that I would meet him ( and Blossom the lovely First Lady )at Headingley...............wooohooo I was fair cock-a- hoop.
Speculation started that Gillespie the Gallant would be taking the England coaching role..................I was nearly  ready to go and  make a one(wo) man stand at the St Michaels Lane gates!!!! how very dare they try to poach him!!!.
Pauly Paul, Mr Funky the chauffeur and I froze our wotnots off at Chester le St, well not so much me as I had a blanky which I would share with Janey when she came to visit us.

Mr Funky and I went off to Marton to see Yorkshire play, however, all we were able to watch was Gillespie the Gallant being interviewed ( not a bad thing) as  rain put paid to the match. Botheration!!!!!!!

Over at Chester le Street I saw the most amazing catch on my boundary by Big John Hastings, who saved both Lainey and Janey from having their teeth knocked out. what a star and NO ONE caught it on camera.
 I developed a little crush on AB de Villiers!!!!! yes really!!!!
 My laundry habits have become the hot topic on the boundary!!!.
T20 started although the shine has been taken off as His Royal Ryanness was no longer playing short form games. BOOOOOOOHOOOOOO.
26/05/15 it was finally  ( sort of ) announced that  Gillespie the Gallant would not be taking the England job and was staying with My Tykes. Words cannot describe the relief that I felt.(  or the amount of celebrating I did)

 Last Friday of the month saw Durham v Tykes T20, the unveiling of the new Durham Floodlights ( not that impressive ) and a win for them!!!


Saw the arrival of the T20 'Big Guns' as Chris Gayle tipped up for Somerset and Darren Sammy turned out for Notts. What I loved about Sammy was the fact that he was urging Luke Fletcher ( BIG LUKEY) on, something that the 'support' staff at Notts had not been doing of late.

Glenn Maxwell was here for my boys and  the 'Game of Roses' was the 'biggy' for the early part of the  month.

News filtered through that His Royal Ryanness would be back soon. Now that made me smile.
I got to have three days hobnobbing in the posh end of the Carnegie Pavilion at Headingley as I spent the time with Middx CCC El Presidenti and first lady. I had the pleasure of sitting with Dickie Bird for lunch, very entertaining I have to say. Watched  the match all days  from the Presidents Suite, it doesn't get any better than that.

My time with El Presidenti and First Lady was priceless. especially as The First Lady also celebrated her birthday. 
Yorkshire were in fine fettle and knocked Middlesex over in 3 days.Much to my delight.
Dickie told me that who ever won this match would win the County Championship. 
It was only June and already I was getting  'Trophy Fever'.
Went to Pontefract to see besty friends Sam & Simon drank their entire wine cellar and went home. top weekend!!!!! They are going to return the favour soon.

Yeah HRR was back, although in the seconds, but he was back and that was the main thing! 
The Australians arrived and kicked off there training at Merchant Taylors School, yes!, only former place of work and where Middex Presidenti and I first met.

Mr Funky and I went off to the ODI at Chester le St and sat through rain, sunshine, rain and Jonny Bairstow playing the innings of his life and bringing England back from the brink.

Captain Gale and The Lovely Jack Leaning put  on an amazing display of batting against Notts.
And then the Tykes Roadshow trundled into Chester le street.
Jonny Bairstow made it his own and played a blinder of an innings hitting 219!!
Chester le Street seems to be a place that he likes to play!!!


The  Durham v Yorks match continued and the weather was glorious, I however was not too grand and hoping that the hideous cold would not turn to anything worse, I had so far this season managed to avoid the 'heart palpitating, temperature spiking, hospital stay lurgy'. I hoped to get through to September without a night in Darlington Memorial!
I made cakes for my Tykes and they pulled off a blinding win over Durham. ( nothing to do with having cake).

Worcestershire were at Notts and Jack Shantry not only took 5-48 but also took the attention of a certain lady (Fun Soph) away from Notts as she tried to ascertain if the rumours were true ( Commando boy).
I missed  a Yorky match as Dame Did &  I went to Oxford for  the RAF memorial service. In true Robinson/Walker girl fashion the weekend was chaos and ended with me seeing a naked RAF Parachutist in the mini bus next to my car!! I think that I am safer at cricket.
My Tykes  were at Edgbaston and His Royal Ryanness took 6-34 off  12 overs.........................flipping heck that boy was on fire!!!.
By the end of the match he had taken 11 wickets and his First Class wicket haul was creeping nearer to the 700 mark.
I geared up to head off to Headingley to meet up with Sam and Simon for Yorks V Durham T20 action.
Now that was a night I will never forget. Yorks won and we had a lot of lovely food and drink and then went to get the players autographs! A little the worse for wine we happily chatted to The Lovely Jack Leaning, I fell through the gate onto the pitch, Captain Gale was funny, Glenn Maxwell retrieved my hotel key and  managed to embarrass me in the process!!!  Jonny Bairstow was  a real sport.
Yes we are planning to do the whole thing again next season.

Fun Soph came up to Chester le Street  for the Dur v Notts T20 match. Mr Funky the Chauffeur picked us up in the 'Funky bus' and what a brilliant evening we had. Sadly there was no 'Big Lukey' playing. However before we knew it we were dropping Sophie off at her hotel and we were heading back home.

My Tykes lost to Northants in T20 and were having a terrible time in the  short form game.

It was hard to believe that it was August already, My Tykes were playing brilliantly and had not lost a LVCC match.

Pauly Paul, Dynamo Dom and I went up to Chester le Street. My Tykes were there, so it was a going to be a great day for me. I had made them cake but had also pushed the boat out and made Vegan carrot cake for Gillespie the Gallant, . This went down a storm!!!!
 He even made me blush ( which he continued to do next month)!!!
Rain came and eventually it was all called off but my Tykes were triumphant.
And I smiled all the way home! 

Only days later I was on my way to Scarbados and was given 'top brass' tickets for the four days too ( which turned out to be 3). Big thank you for those tickets too!
In all my crickety life I have never had a first day like this one. Tykes bat and top order fold like a paper napkin, even my 'hotel key hero' Glenn Maxwell couldn't rally the troops.And it was a last wicket stand with Little Timmy Bresnan and HRR that got the 1st innings score up to 162.
Durham went in to bat and it all started again  Steve Patterson was on fire HRR took 3 wickets and the day ended with 20 wickets falling.
2nd day Maxwell and Rashid  made a 200+ run stand, OMG this was some match.
3rd day In a nutshell, they bowled Durham out.
I was back in the bath at The Crown Spa in record time.
Ahhh bath, champers what more could a Lady want?
Had a chat with Gillespie the Gallant in the hotel recption next mornng,  just before heading back home earlier, than expected.

Mr Funky and I went off to watch Lashings XI take on some of Durham. HRR was playing for Lashings and looking very fit too, it was a glorious day. A bit of fun and raising money for worthwhile causes. Mr Funky wouldn't let me go and see Pepper Pig though!

A  week later I was back in hobnobbing cricket mode as El Presidenti and First Lady of Middlesex came to Chester le St. I had 4 wonderful days with them and have to say that laughter was in abundance.
El Presidenti even came and sat in the cheap seats and spoke to the 'riff raff'  (Mr Funky and Pauly Paul)

The end of the month came and I headed off to Headingley 
Last day of the month was wet, but I got to lie in bed at The Headingley Lodge watchig Somerset train, that Peter Trego is some drama queen!!!! ( says the Queen of them all)


Yorkshire were taking on Somerset and I was there to see the first day and to have a chat with Gillespie the Gallant. He had agreed to do this for my blog ( which you are obviously reading now). I was so nervous on the way to the pavilion that I thought I was going to be sick.My hands were shaking all the way through our chat.
Gillespie the Gallant answered all my questions and managed to make me blush ( again!) Sadly all the blushing in the world could not convince him to sign Jack Shantry ( looking for replacement eye candy for when HRR eventually retires). 

*News Flash*  The lovely Jack Leaning steps up in preparation, however it will be a good few years before HRR retires!!!!

Went off home,only to do a very quick return on a very hot Sunday for the One Day Cup semi final........................which was not to be a good one for my boys.They lost to Gloucestershire, who I then backed for the final.
And yes they only went and won it............................flipping good on them!
I got on TV though!!

My Boys headed off to Middlesex, I was in talks with El Presidenti regarding  whether or not I could get there for any of the four days. 

First over of the day on Wednesday 9th September, HRR went into over drive, he made his 700th wicket and took 2 further wickets in his first over. My hero!!!!!
El Presidenti text to say that things were not going well for his boys. UNDERSTATEMENT!!!
Mid afternoon, rumours started very quickly to circulate that Notts were close to being bowled out................which meant that 
There was applause going round Lords as the word spread.
It took until Saturday for the boys to get the trophy and get out to really celebrate.
By this time though they had lost the match against Middx their first loss of the season.

Really though, one loss against winning the County Championship......back to  back winning too. That says it all!
They trundled down to Hampshire and I started to pack my bag in readiness for the last match of the season.
Down at Hampshire my boys won again and once again celebrated in full champagne style.
A few days at home and then back at Headingley.
I threw in an extra days holiday so that I could have the last three days of the season in Leeds.
Staying at the Headingley Lodge waking up to the best view in the world

I also got to have another chat with Gillespie the Gallant, who I have to say has been an absolute star answering my very mundane questions ( he must have heard them a million times). 

Well My Tykes beat Sussex and saw them into the 2nd Division and then were re presented with the trophy . Second year running and second year I have been able to see this.
I then went over to Pontefract  and spent the last night of the season with Sam and Simon, we drank to the end of a great 2015 season and to 2016.
Champagne Moment (1)
 Yorkshire being County Champions of course!
Champagne moment ( 2)
Getting to chat to Gillespie the Gallant  not once but twice!
Too much Prosecco moment (s)
Falling through the gate onto the hallowed turf of Headingley after Yorks v Dur T20. Dropping my hotel key much to Glenn Maxwell's amusement ( and rather naughty comment). Jonny Bairstow having to sort out the 'selfie' with Samantha Gosney and myself ( top boy).

It's been the most amazing season and one that I will never forget.
Next stop 2016.................................

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