Saturday, 24 October 2015

Super Saturday lie in

As you all know I,Lady Lainey do not hold with the lying around in bed until afternoon at all, however the past few weeks of elbow pain and work took it's toll last night, and resulted in me waking up from a very deep slumber at 8.30am. now as you all know I would have had 300 loads of washing done by this time normally and  already have been to Lady laineyville for my weekly walk into pushchair/pram hell.

Ahhhh Phooey I am chilling out and about to put on the TV and see what has been happening in Dubai whilst I have been sleeping.

Yesterday England did indeed so as I asked and bowled Pakistan out by lunch and then went into bat...........................................................well some did. Ali having been bumped up the order was out for 1 and the man with no lips continued in his usual form and was out for 4!, which begs the question 'What is he doing in the side?'
And to be honest with his colouring he is hardly going to enjoy time around the pool!.

major rethink on him I think.

however Root and Bairstow went in to see England through to close of play.

Fatty Flintoff has been opening his cake hole, obviously like his pal 'he who must not be named in the blog' pops up every now and again just to remind us he is still here!.
Anyhooo he has said that this England team is the best ever!!!!

Errrr they are good but not the best ever. when they clear out the dead wood and bring in 'The lovely jack Leaning' I will reconsider his statement.

I need to crack on as there are leaves to rake up ( autumn does not take into account my tennis elbow) and if you remember this time last year I slipped on wet leaves in the extensive rear grounds of Chateau de Champions and chipped the bone in said elbow. So best to get them cleared up asap!.

Ooohhhh and it is nearly November and nearly my birthday!!!!! ooohhhhhh I am getting super excited already!!!!

Right off to put on TMS and head to the garden.

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