Friday, 9 October 2015

Thank flip it's F(ryan)day

Oh thank flip that it is F(ryan)day and that means that the weekend is 7 office hours away.
This is made easier by the fact that I am now virtually ( and I say virtually) pain free in both elbows. I have had to discard the support which it seems did more harm than good and  do some little exercises. In three days things seem to be going along better than in three weeks.
This should see me in the best temper ever today.................................unless the office boys play up ( and of late I have found that lots of boys have been playing up). So lets see if I can get to the end of the day without having a temper tantrum.

Back to yesterday as Enlgnd were into there second warm up match against Pakistan A.
It was a good day for the bowlers as England took to the field. Steven Finn took  four wickets, and you know my view there, he will be crocked for the rest of the tour, you mark my words.
Adil Rashid bowled brilliantly,taking three wickets, the thing that I love about 'Dilly' is that, he seems to go about his 'work' in a quiet and dignified manner.

The first test starts next week and there will be some disappointed players, those who don't get picked, but that the way the bails fly.

Surrey are looking to get their side in order long before the start of the new season as they get James Burke to sign a  for a further two seasons. Burke came from Somerset last season.

And now as I gear up for the weekend, I am also making a list of things 'to do' and most of them revolve around the garden.
If it rains it means that I may be able to set the garden incinerator going and get the leaves from the Horse chestnut tree burnt, as I will be raking them up with great gusto (  yeah right) tomorrow morning.
Last bit of strimming to be done and hopefully the final lawn cut of the season, weather permitting. Then it is indoors for the continued clear out of the Chateau.

I am constantly amazed at how much one person can hoard.

I have however NOT thrown one single cricket ticket/scorecard/programme. Or any of the other cricket  'stuff' that I have accumulated over the years from my trips to cricket across the country.
These are all now housed in their own special box and store safely.
For me to go through on cold wet Sunday afternoons in the winter.

Yes I really do that, and go through stats too

Yes I really do, I  am a cricket tragic.

Ohhhhhhh and in case you may have forgotten it is getting closer to my Birthday and I am getting very very excited!!!!!!!!!


however firstly today I have to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee and look pretty for the next 7 hours and judging by the stateof the orange birdsnest curls that is a challenge in itself!!!

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