Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Joy of midweek

Well I made it to mid week and now just have 21 more work hours until the weekend.  I know that I shouldn't be wishing the week away, but I  honestly want to get this week over and done with and behind me.

however at least there is cricket starting tomorrow which is a good thing, and  am spoilt for choice as England are takng on Pakistan and South Africa are still in India..
Better remember to record that,

Other cricket news,
Former Tyke Ollie Robinson who left under a cloud, and went off to Sussex, has signed a two year deal to stay with the club.
Robinson ( no relation), had a brilliant season with Sussex even though the club were relegated. Good luck to him.

Other Robinson news, Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo ( he is related), Captain of Birmingham City scored again last night which  made it 2 in 2 for the DEFENDER!!!! Now what ever Mrs Hooligan is feeding him of late its working.
4 boys in the hooligan house refused to go to bed until they had spoken to their Dad,so I am guessing there are a couple of tired little ones this monring.

Rt Hon hooligan did however get a yellow card, but hey thats par for the course.

Well done that Robinson boy. What a star!!!!

Dame Didi is none too well and will probably not read this until later this AM,so I am hoping that you did wake up feeling a little better.

I had a message from El Presidenti of Middx CCC, he had been playing golf with an old flame of mine, at some 'old cricket boys play golf' event.. From the sounds of it they are becoming a bit of an inseperable pair on the golf course..............................hmmmmmmm not a pair I would have put together but obviously entertaining each other with their antics.
Having been asked to go and caddy next time, I politely refiused. Been there numerous times and had the split sides to prove it!!!!!!

Right I am off to the offiice today, split sides are something that will not be on the agenda. In fact it is quieter than normal as boys have a little paddy and are not talking to me.  Ahhhhhh peace and quiet,how blissful and how flipping childish. There hit the nail on the head!!!!

Love it when they get all shirty with me makes the day much more enjoyable.

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