Thursday, 22 October 2015

Tired Thursday

Wow I am tired this morning and that is not a good start to Thursday. I have had a very disturbed night due to excessive elbow pain and hideous weather outside. I know from the trees that it is Autumn, but last night it sounded like full blown winter. It is blowing a gale outside and to I think it may be time to bring out the big guns!!!! Yes I may be searching through the winter coats this morning!!.

Over in Dubai I very much doubt that rain and high winds will be stopping play as England are about an hour away from start of play in the second test against Pakistan.
Rumour has it that Stokes is not fit to play as he has a stomach virus!! Not that old chestnut???? yeah the office  boys all have a stomach virus on Monday after a heavy weekend!
There seems to be a lot of jostling for the top spot in the team. OMG as if it makes any difference, because for starters I see Captain Cook going very cheaply this morning if they bat first. Never consistent.

And then over in India South Africa kick off at 9am. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH mahoooosivee girl crush on ADBV................

I saw the headline that Lancashire pair had renewed contract and I thought I was correct in my prediction that Prince was coming back out of retirement along with Joe Scuderi, however it was not to be. Alex Davies and Matthew Parker  have in fact  renewed contracts with the county.

Today is the day that 'Big Si' comes up from HQ in London. Now that should make for a very quiet and well behaved  office boys.

And finally

Dame Didi has been very poorly with horrible chesty, coughy lurgy which hopefully after going back to the quack yesterday, may start to improve, however its her ears that I hope  get better soon,

Conversation from last night

LL. ' You know Former Lord Lainey used to call Feethams (FEET HAMS) Feethams ( FEETH AMS)'

DD 'Did you just say Former Lord Lainey and threesomes????'

LL & DD  'Baaaahhaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa'

you get the picture!!!!!

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