Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tuesday......thats all

yes it is Tuesday, and if I sound a bit down it is only because I have realised that in less than a week, the old Horsechestnut tree outside the Chateau has started to shed its leaves which means, not only that I will spend the next 6 weekends clearing leaves up, but that I have to finally face the fact that Autumn is here and that winter is just round the corner..................................OOOOHHHH NOOOOO!!!
Well at least there is lots of cricket going on around the world to keep me entertained.

Entertainment is something that is sadly lacking in Super swanky Lady Lainey office as we had to all suffer because Trill Boy was hungover yesterday, and then have nearly an hour of the merits of his mums home made soup, especially with thick bread

Trill boy ' you know those big lumps of bread that haven't been cut already?'.

Lady Lainey  ' Bloomer'

Trill Boy   ' no its a loaf of bread and it hasn't been cut'

 Dear me he really bores me witless with his inane babbling.

Honestly during the cricket season I manage to eavedrop on far more interesting conversations than I get in my office. and from far more intelligent people!!!!

I think that I might be getting old and grumpy!

If only I was in the UAE!

The England boys looked to be doing OK but Ali fell for 22 which straight away had hacks disputing his openng spot.
The man with no lips fell for 19 which was nearly doubkle what I had predicted.

It took 'Yorkland' to steady the ship as Root hit 59 ( retired to let Stokes in to bat who then went for 5), before 'Jonny and Dilly' came in and were on 66 & 51 not out.

Lets see what today holds.

In India there were some very non sportsmanlike scenes as fans threw bottles on to the pitch after South Africa bowled out India for 92.
The match was stopped twice  before South Africa hit 94.

You wouldn't get that at headingley...........................a lot of heckling  but no throwing of bottles.( well you miught be able to get your money back on them)

Its chucking it down outside and I just know that I will looking like a ginger 'Shirley Temple' by the time I get into the office.

Not a pleasant thought.

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