Sunday, 25 October 2015

Winter is coming

Yes indeedy winter is coming, last night we all ( well most of us) put our clocks back an hour and had a lie in this morning. I woke up at 5.30am as normal only to realise that I hadn't changed the clock in my bedroom and it was 4.30!!!

The storming headache that I had didn't help either!!! I had nipped round to besty friend Christines house last night ( she of the Royal Hounds) to have a quick catch up, which turned into a 2 bottles of wine, putting the world to rights, which turned into  me wandering home at 11pm past the kebab shop.....................well you know what that turned into.

I am now lying in bed listening to the test, however I am getting up in as soon as I have finished this as I am off to the boot sale with Chris.

I actually did a lot of visiting and friend type stuff yesterday as I 'nipped' over to 'Mad' Nikki 's house to drop off some bits and pieces and also to catch up with the very lovely youngest edition to the clan, Millie Rose. Ahhh I love babies and had a lovely couple of hours having cuddles and giggles with Millie.

I had only just got home and got a call from Besty friend Franny, we chatted for an hour and then I settled myself on the sofa and had a nap.

So yesterday at the test, well England did what they do best, they had a 'lttle' collapse and were 242 all out.
Oh dear!!! It is not getting any better.

 today Pakistan are batting well in their second innings.

And that is really all that can be said about the it!!!

In Zimbabwe, Afghanistan have clinched an historic one day series win over their hosts. They are the first non test team to win an ODI series against a test team.

Okey Dokey I am off to get some clothes on and head off to the boot sale.

I woke up this morning with  glittery nails and do not remember painting them last night!!!!

Thought for the day.

If you cant convince them,
Confuse them!

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