Sunday, 1 November 2015

All Saints Day

It;s All Saints Day and it's the beginning of November, the best month of the year as it is the month of my birthday, in fact it is two weeks to my birthday and I am super bouncy excited all ready!! Woohooo I loves me birthday.

Today is also the day that Rob from Flicx Pitch may be waking up with a headache, after going 'Sober for October'.
This is the man who likes to have a pint or two especially with his work colleagues.
Well done Rob, you have spurred me into be continued.

However today is a cricket day and  as I am typing I am lying in 'mon lit' listening to the cricket coverage. I could go and watch it on TV but I am revelling in lounging around in bed for a few more minutes.
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat.
England elected to field three spin bowlers which has caused a bit of a stir.
 Anderson and Moeen took the early wickets of Ali and Hafeez.

They are now having a spot of lunch and Pakistan are currently 87-2.

Yesterday was quite busy here in the chateau, washing, painting and making things. Obviously the house is in chaos and I need to get it  into some sort of order. I am listening to the whir of the dishwasher and I will be getting more washing on shortly, however getting it dried is the problem.

I also need to make a start with the Horse chestnut leaves which are now forming a beautiful carpet outside my house but due to it also being wet, are filling me with fear after I slip on them last year and chipped my elbow ( which is not one of my strongest body parts at the moment).

you can see that I have a lot to do today and can you guess how much will get done?
Yes you are probably right I will be giving most of the day up to cricket.

OOOOOhhhh and it is 5 months until my super besty night out ever. What night out is this????
Well you will have to wait 5 months to find out!
And we are also one month nearer to the cricket season. Now that's enough to make me get out of bed and do something constructive.

Off to do something and England seemed to have taken a wicket.......................but no it was not to be.

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