Monday, 2 November 2015

Cold and foggy morning

it's a cold and very foggy morning here in LadyLaineyville and when I say foggy I mean 'peasouper'. It is currently 5.45am and it has been like this all night.
I am not looking forward to the drive to work.

So yesterday was busy but I can still not see what I did.
I did however listen to the cricket which was not great for Ben Stokes who during the afternoon went to take a flying catch, landed 'wrongly' and was taken off the fields with his arm in a sling made from his shirt. He is having a scan and hopefully it is not too bad news/

They managed to bowl Pakistan out for 234 
At this minute, Moeen ali has just got out and  as an opener he is not really cutting the mustard. Sir Geoff has a lot to say about this and is being very vocal.

 And now it is Bells turn. Lets see what he can do..................

Over in South Africa they started their T20 season,not something that would be on the British radar but for the fact that  'he who must not be named in the blog' has tipped up. There was far too much on twitter about this and Sky were showing it too.
As it turned out,as was posted on Twitter last night. 'KP won the game!' There you go it must be true that one man is a team especially when he is involved.
Hopefully they  will love him so much he will be offered a contract back home in SA and we will never have to hear about him again.

I can but dream.

And so now I am off for another rubbish week in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office. This week however I am feeling slightly better and so am starting the week on the right foot.

Tomorrow I am  going to reveal my little challenge in which I hope you will all help me.

Until then.

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