Friday, 27 November 2015

Fantastic F(ryan)day

Thank flip it is F(ryan)day and I can wind down and have a chilled out weekend................................after I have been to the beer Festival with Francesca at Darlington CC tonight, ahh yes that  will be an evening and a half!!!! ( or make that 8 pints and a half!!!!)

But before then I have to get through today.
And having been up since 2.30am so that I could tune into the very first day/night test match complete with a pink ball, I have to say that even a dunk in the shower at did little to wake me up, but it's cricket, it's Australia and I am loving it.

What I am not loving is that the old duffers at the ECB are scrapping the coin toss in both divisions of the county championship. It's to be hoped that the Umpires, remember as this is usually the only thing that they get right!
And Andrew Strauss had a big part in this , so I have been trying to find out how many tosses he won? that might be the clue to the decision.

Some statistician somewhere will have that figure, however its not me!

In the test down under, New Zealia won the toss and elected to bat, and at lunch are now 80-2. Tiny Tyke Kane Williamson hit 22 before falling to Starc.
I can see that I am not going to have as chilled out a weekend as I thought as I will be up at strange hours to watch my Aussie boys.

What I do know is that I have to go and get a new washing line tomorrow as I am sick of having my 'smalls' hanging around the chateau, the other one finally kicked its legs ( or arms) up at the end of the summer. And you all know how 'funny' I am about getting my washing done and dried.

I am super excited as Dame Didi's Christmas present came yesterday and it is lovely, I was so excited that I phoned her and wanted to tell her straight away, but as she is now sick of getting her birthday presents in May ( her birthday is in September) and her Xmas pressies as soon as I have got them, she was having none of it!!!!
So I guess that I will have to wrap it up and wait for the day!

Right I am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office and Pony Paul is picking me up as there is no way I can drive home after a bucket of real ale!

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