Friday, 6 November 2015

it's F(ryan)day

Oh my aching glutes,and quads and my biceps, triceps, pecs and abs, the only thing that doesn't hurt is my poorly elbow which seems to have miraculously repaired whilst the rest of me is supposed to be getting into shape!

I was with a 'trainer' last night who probably wasn't born when I first did weights, but bless him, he had a lovely smile and was very nice to dear old me. he did say that he had fought with the other trainers to get me as I didn't want to  'tone and lose weight' my card said 'Weight lifting, definition, rock hard abs', I think that the chance of that happening is about as great as me marrying Sir Sean of Bean, but 'Mr lovely Smile' said I would be looking good in 6-8 weeks and in 21 weeks ( my aim) I will be great ( I bet he says that to all the Grannys).

He also said that despite my protest at not being able to 'plank' after my feeble 1 second attempt, that in 2 week I might be able to hold it for 5 seconds! Bless him, bet he changes his shifts now.

Changing shifts and even continents, is Mark Wood who is only flipping well coming home as his ankle injury is worse than thought. England have broken him. England are like the cousin you didn't  ever want to come to your house or worse still , play with, because they broke your toys. Yes England are the David ,Joanne, Julie and Kayanne of the sports world!

And they lost against Pakistan in tremendous fashion. There were some shocking batting displays from Bell Root, Bairstow, actually most of the team except Captain Cook, that is harsh because when you look at the scores of Moeen Ali, Adil Rashid, Broad and Stokes did at least clock up double figures.

Were is it all going wrong?  Well keeping Bell in the team with such shocking scoring is a huge mistake.

oh if only I was the King of Cricket.

Oh now I think I might just submit my CV because goodness only knows how much time Trevor Baylliss has left, and remember I asked Gillespie the Gallant the question about whether he would take the job if offered and he said no, and if he ever does I  am going to kick his bottom very hard indeedy!!!

Right way to early to be off on a rant on a F(ryan)day  morning.

Other news. I had t'wireless on all night to hear the Australian v New Zealand test ( I now consider myself to be Yorstralian as well as South Afrishire). After Warners amazing  163, it was topped by Khawaja who hit a cracking 174, my Aussie boys declared on 556-4.

Currently New Zealand are 106-3 although it is nearly the close of play the Aussies have been really going for 'the jugular'.

The ongoing trial of Chris Cairns,which is airing at lot of dirty laundry, also showed how much this man liked wedding cake, with 3 marriages in 12 years. Holy wedding vows!!! why would you put yourself through all that.
He is like the Elizabeth Taylor of cricket!!!!

OK off for my last 7 hours of work and then home to do more!
I have no gym tonight but an early morning session tomorrow.

Well no pain no gain as they say, they also say good things come to those who wait....................................WAITING!!!!!

Worth the wait my Aussie boys have just got 'Baz' NZ Captain out!!!! 3-12 in 25 minutes COYA!!!!!!

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