Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It's hump day

Yes indeedy doody it is hump day in more ways than one. Firstly it is Wednesday and we are on the downward slope to the weekend.
secondly it is hump day as after two full days of fog and drizzle my orange curls have taken to rebelling and are now a frizzy mess! Now I remember why I wear hats all winter.
Thirdly it is  hump day as I am just not sure what to put on my feet for work, shoes or boots ( and put the trusty Hunters in the boot)
I feel like pulling the duvet over my ( frizzy) head and listening to the Test match instead of trying to get my self organised.

So after a slight deviation from the norm yesterday for news on my 'challenge'.

However talking cricket ( or listening to it as I currently am as I type this ) It has not been the a great opening few minutes for England as Lady Laineys little favourite, Jonny Bairstow missed a stumping and I think that he will be rather cross with himself..

Yesterday saw England do what they do best, have a little bit of collapse and then rally again..
Today they need to get Pakistan out for as few runs as possible and then go in a clean up...................easy when you write it down.

Other news that comes as no surprise to I Lady Lainey is the fickle world of international cricket. You know those cricketers who don't get selected for one country because although they think they are great, they just aren't, and then move on to another country on the grounds that their granny's cousins cat came from there? Yes well that is where we are with Boyd Rankin. Yes having once being proud to be Irish, he then became English, and now wants to be Irish again. Confused? well you probably will be before the end of his career, I can't wait for him to try to join  the West Indian team!!!

To be honest I never rated him and thought ( once again) he failed to live up to the hype.

Sad news filtered through yesterday when it was announced that Tom Graveney had passed away. His career spanned 4 decades. After retiring from cricket he went into commentating and  in later years was President of the MCC.

The Chris Cairns trial is still ongoing and  he is still denying match fixing. The sad thing about this case is that there are going to be players that you thought were squeaky clean, who turn out to be slightly spotted with dirt!

Well I am off to work and then off weight training tonight, gently though as we are trying to do some work to help me not have so many problems with my elbow.
I hope that you all have a good Wednesday and that the weather is slightly better with you than here in Lady Laineyville.


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