Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Midweek hurrah!!!

wooohoo it is Wednesday and that means it is only two days to the weekend and nearly the birthday of I, Lady Lainey. Oh my lordy, can you see my face on Sunday morning when I open the front door to this lot!!! delivering me a hugeroony bunch of white roses and a Yorkshire 2016 calendar.
Oh I must get  up extra early and sort out the birdsnest  orange curls and put some slap on.

Ohhhhhhh I am sooo super excited now, that I think I might have to have a little lie down.

OK I am fine now..............

...................well as fine as it gets here at The Chateau.

In other news ( apart from it being my birthday at the weekend), England are in ODI action today. All eyes are on their team line up as captain Morgan ( like his rum not too sure about him!) says that wicket keeper Jos Butler is fit, well physically yes but is he fit for the role???? Not in my books, I do not rate him at all.
Morgan also stated that they had no 'senior' bowlers, well I beg to differ, Liam Plunkett was in the England set up many moons ago before he hit the 'Durham Doldrums' .I would say that he has the experience and should be brought to the fore, however you just know that the 'golden child' of the moment David Willey will get all the billing.

Anyhoo good luck to them. I will be listening on't wireless in't offiice.

Then gym again, well I hurt all over so I might as well just keep the agony going.

Ohhh I have just seen that The West Indies have reinstated  coach Phil Simmons, but not before he apologised  for criticising  team selection.

OH MY GOD I cannot believe that they made him apologise. Hell in this country you can send texts to your former home country team mates during serious cricket tournaments and you get to have all your  now home team mates bowing and kissing your feet !!!!
I feel a rant coming on so best that I leave that.

Right off to the office, need to earn some pennies

and talking pennies....................

....... don't forget my Dry January challenge please donate to two very worthwhile charities. Thank you

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