Monday, 23 November 2015

new week, new start

How many times have you heard this is the time you have been reading the blog.
Well the funny thing is this, this time it is true.
This is why..........

1. I tend to get roped in to do things for friends that I don't really want to do and usually end up very much worse off.

2. I am drawn into something that appears to help me in some way, and turns out to be a complete waste of time, effort and usually means that I am worse off.

3. I rarely have a weekend just for me and am getting  very very tired which I tend to do at this time of year anyway.And usually end up worse off.

4. I was brought up to help other people, share, be kind to animals ( I was so kind I even married one!). And usually end up in someway, worse off.

I am guessing that you can see the pattern here and being worse off does not always mean financially.

So from today, I am not volunteering to helpout so rapidly ( I am honouring the dates in my diary), I am taking as many weekends as possible solely for me ( although December is very busy already). and I am going to bed every night at 9pm!!!

OK less of me and more of................................OMG 'HWMNBNITB'!! has only gone into press saying that he is responsible for making Reece Topley 'famous'. is there no end to the ego/mouth of this man. I am surprises that he hasn't claimed  to be responsible for Botham doing so well in the 1981 Ashes.

I am not a fan of this man as you all know, but is there no end to his headline grabbing antics.It does appear that one tabloid is the mouthpiece of KP and as his best friend Piers is a regular contributor I think that we can see why this happens.
I would like him to disappear but if not then I would like him to stay in South Africa and bore them silly with tales of when he was 'The England Team' and won everything single handed!

Right I started off this morning with really good intentions and now I am onto a rant.

Back on track now.
So off to work now and I am not even going to shout at boys!!!!.

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