Thursday, 26 November 2015

OK no ranting today.......I hope

This is one of my (selection) of  favourite photos from the 2015 season. My hair even make Jonnys  hair look decidedly dull!!!!
Just a couple of seconds before this photo was taken Jonny muttered those immortal words to Sam and I,  'give it 'ere' as he took my phone off me to take a picture!!  This one was taken by Simon who was keeping a watchful eye on the two of us.
I had already fallen through a gate onto the pitch and lost my hotel key only to have it retrieved by Glenn Maxwell.

Yes I know you have heard it all before and believe me you will be reliving it again at the end of the year, when more of my favourite pictures will be released.

I have been continuing with the clear out and started after the weekend from hell. and I  have now managed to remove some 'deadwood' from my life and after making it very clear that there was no place in my life for the persons concerned I went to bed last night and slept like a log ( what ever a log sleeps like).
Today I feel like I can take on the world or at least the office boys!
It's amazing how strong the words 'no room for you' are.!

We are getting very close to one year since the tragic loss of Phillip Hughes, who's death sent shock waves through cricket worldwide.
Have there been changes made in cricket?
Not according to Stuart Broad, he does not believe that cricketers have changed the way that they play, but seeing a badly shaken Mitchell Johnson after Morgan was taken off the field after being struck on the head in the summer I would say that there is a great deal of fear at the back of bowlers minds.
I think that the psychological effects of the accident will be long stay with the  current players world wide.

This afternoon England are in T20 action so no doubt I will be tuning in when I get home from the office.
Not been able to find any team news of of yet, but imagine that they will release it at a 'normal' hour!

And that really is it for today.

see you on F(ryan)day

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