Monday, 30 November 2015

Raring to go!

NOT!!! It's Monday and it's back to work! And I don't seem to have done any of the things I was supposed to apart from washing and cooking!
Oh well never mind this week is another week.

Yesterday morning as you know, after an early trip to the gym, I listened to the end of the Day/night test in Adelaide and  can only say that it was real 'hearts in mouth' stuff as Australia beat New Zealia ( as they are known in the chateau).
It seems that the concept of day/night test cricket was a success with record crowds and the horror of the 'pink ball' seemed to have fallen by the wayside.
My one fear.....................that they may decide to now play tests in 'coloured clothing'. Which would really demean the game in the eyes of this purist.
Cricket is about leather of on willow ( preferable red leather) and gentlemen in white clothing ( which is actually cream but hey ho!)

England are back in action this afternoon with the 3rd T20 match and I for one am hoping that Liam Plunkett again does well which will be one in the eye for the selectors!

This week should be a busy one in Super swanky Lady Lainey office as we are fighting against the tide with the number of new jobs that are heading our way. Looks like the archiving and nail filing may be on hold for a few days.

I am planning my weekend also as I am thinking about putting up the Christmas decorations....................yes really!! Maybe this time the boxes will be emptied when thy are taken out of the garage instead of being looked at and put back away.

The last few years have been rough and Christmas was not the joyous time that had been experienced in the past, however I am going to make a very determined effort to change that.
 I am not going to the gym this evening as I have things to do ready for tomorrow and so am putting it on hold until Wednesday.

I am also hoping that the fixtures finally appear this week so that I can get super organised for next season.

And now I need to get super organised and head off to said office to shout at boys, drink copious amounts of green tea and work my little fingers to the bone.

Yes I do work sometimes!!!!

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