Saturday, 7 November 2015

soaked to the skin Saturday

So by the time you read this I will in the gym doing my cardio workout as devised for me by  Mr Nice Smile, it is hosing it down  outside and I have taken the (stupid) decision to walk and get more exercise.
Well at least I can go into the sauna after my work out,or maybe the steam room or as I have packed my swimming cossie I might go and have a splash for half an hour ( 40 lengths? probably 20).

UUURRGGGHHH!!!! I opened up the BBC sport site to see that  'he who must not be named in the blog' has hit another ton in the  Ram Slam T20 in South Africa. Oh yes and then I spot on Twitter all those calling for him to be back in the England team.
Well T20 is very different to Test Cricket ( ask Michael ( eye candy for the Dame) Carberry), and as he has been out fo the test game for a while I do not think that this is an option,however the lovers of the man will forever shout his name.
 In my view he is just a cricket mercenary ( not what I originally wrote , rhymes with sore). If South Africa offered him a test place he would take it like a shot regardless of his tattoo. Actually I am sure if Holland  (KP 'I once ate some Edam so I guess I qualify') offered him a place he would take it , no offence to Holland who I fully suopport  when ever they play.

I listened ( most ) of the night to the cricket from Australia and I tell you I was getting  to like Miitch Starc but now I think he might be up there with the mighty AB.
The Aussies  are making the Kiwi's sweat,and were hitting hard in their second innings which  produced two tons from Burns and Warner.
I love the new energised Australian team,and love them or hate them they really do put all their passion into the game.

I have some jobs to finish at the chateau today and once they are done I think that I will be on the way to making a breakthrough in the ongoing clear out. I know I have been talking about this for months but I have had to make some very hard decisions on things including things that came from the home of Her Serene Highness. Not that easy clearing out your life and someone elses.

New broom and all that and I intend to go into the New Year a lot lighter in a lot of ways.

And so now I am off to do stuff.

have a super Saturday.

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