Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sunny Sunday

Hahaha that got you, you thought that I was basking in sunshine when in actual fact it it hosing it down with rain and freezing cold!
I am just back from the gym where I have been flexing and contracting my bicep, triceps, quads, glutes and abs...............................I am guessing that I will not be fit for anything tomorrow.
However no pain, no gain and I need to do something about my level of fitness.

I have just put a load of washing in the machine although where I am going to dry it is beyond me!!! I have my smalls laid all over the place!

Over in Australia, my boys are on the ways to victory as they bowled New Zealia out for 208.
I am listening as I am typing and feeling a tad excited.

Yesterday was a bit of a busy day for me as washing was done ( with a real ale induced hangover) and then off to do the shopping. It was all go in the chateau.

I watched a DVD which I had been meaning to make the time to watch . 'Gone Girl'...........if you haven't seen it them you really should!

And what about today........................well I am of to do the weekly shop, and then  home to wrap up some pressies ready for posting off this week. I know it is early but some people are either a long way away, or off on  holibobs for Xmas.

OMG, Kane Williamson has just taken a catch and Mitchell Marsh s gone! great catch by the tiny tyke, but come on you baggy greens.

Anyhooo back to the order of the day. I also have emptied my wardrobe of dresses that have been purchased and never worn and so I am stuffing them onto ebay this afternoon. I may as well make some money and someone may as well get to wear them. The bed in the spare room cannot be seen for the amount of things that I have cleared out.

I am determined to stream line my life as soon as possible.

Australia look to be having everyone hanging on and I can tell yo I am feeling pretty sick.

I am now off to go and watch the end of the match which should be very soon as they need 22 more runs to win.

see you tomorrow

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