Tuesday, 17 November 2015

work today!!! Yuk!!!

And so I finally have to go back to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and  face the mess that the office boys will have made  whilst I have been away.

I needed something to brighten my day so I chose a picture of Dizzy because he is  only man I know who can make me smile/blush and laugh all at the same time.
Top bloke, top coach and funny too!

I decided to have an early night  last night,and then managed to wake myself up in time for the start of the last day of Australia and New Zealia. And hear the news that Mitch Johnson had announced that he was retiring from international cricket!!
This woke me up completely and I then listened to Australia batting and declaring at 385.

Sadly rain has now stopped play and it does look as if Mitch is not going to see his last match out on the field but watching  from the pavilion.

Woooo hang on the rain has just stopped so anything could happen!

England are in action later on today so I must remember to pack my radio to listen to what is going on and drown out the out of tune singing in the office.
Rain is still falling  in Perth so it is not looking good.

Rumours are now gathering momentum that Mitch Johnson will be playing in the BBL and the IPL. OOh wonder if he will be 'Team Strikers'????

Well time for the off and then gym from work tonight.
I am sort of getting into the hang of it! I hurt in places that I  don't really want to but hey, no pain no gain.
I know that this is going to bene fit me in the long run, just got to keep it up.

Lots to do now, so  time to go.

wish me luck as I go back to three days of 'boys let loose'

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