Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wow it's Wednesday!

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already and I am  up to my eyes in Christmas cake and  housework. Its never ending. I can't wait until we finish at Christmas and I get a rest. I know one thing for sure, I will not be getting up at silly times and feeling tired all day!

I am very tired though of all the proposed changes to the game of cricket, first they are thinking of using a pink ball in some matches, the red ball was fine for a hundred odd years and then they introduced a white ball, why don't they just have a rainbow of balls and you choose before the start of the game.

They are also tomorrow going to discuss the scrapping of the toss!!! It will be down to the away team to choose if they want to bat or bowl . Hell they could also let them choose the colour of the ball!
If this is agreed it could be run out in a one year trial from next season.

The toss will remain in domestic and limited overs cricket, so that leaves T20 and Test Matches????
If it happens in T20 then the away team could choose a ball to match their 'pyjamas'.

The toss was mentioned in the first recorded laws from 1744.
I suspect that the  'eedjits' that want to scrap it, have gained their place on the ECB's executive committee by working in a high flying role and having lots of money and the only cricket that they had ever seen was usually from the bottom of a glass at a corporate hospitality day. #myopiniononly

NUMPTY's why are they trying to change something that had been fine for over 270 years #purist.

I know lets have a game where every county are winners at the start of the season and then share the Trophy until the start of the next when they pass it round again. That's fair isn't it!!!

seriously do they idiots have nothing better to do. may be they should try to sort out match fixing and drug taking and .........

ooohhhhh dear there I go!!! off on a rant already!!!!

And talking about match fixing, the jury are out in the Chris Cairns trial. Today could be the day!

Right I am off to have a large coffee and then hit the road!

Until tomorrow

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