Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A day to remember and say goodbye

It is the 1st of December and my dislike of this month and January has got stronger over the last 6 years, family sadness seems to happen around this. Today is no different as we are saying goodbye to my Aunt/Godmother who passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Today will be a time to remember her in her full larger than life glory.
As we also realise that our family is getting smaller by the moment.
That is the way of life though and we all know that no one is here forever.

It will be a time to catch up with family that we rarely see due to military duties, distance and just not being able to stand the sight of them. harsh but true!

That will be put to one side though as we celebrate the life of my Aunt.

famous quote from her after I divorced Former Lord Lainey

Aunt B   'Are you courting then?'

LL        ' No Aunt B, I am not courting, nor am I ever getting married again or ever living with a man again'

Aunt B  ' Well that's funny, I was thinking that myself only yesterday, none of that nonsense now that I am 83'

LL  ' so you may have considered it when you were 82?'

Aunt B  winks.

Hopefully all the family will be on best behaviour and by all the family I mean Kiki!!!!

Back in the UAE ( where I seriously wish I was considering how cold it was last night). England pulled off a blinding win  to take the T20 series from Pakistan.

We are now only weeks away though from the South African tour and I for one cannot wait. Will I be sitting on the fence? I can tell you I might have a few splinters in my derriere!.

In other news, the jury in the Chris Cairns trial has finally had enough of court food and decide that Cairns was innocent of perjury and perverting the course of duty.
Somehow I do not think that this is the last that we hear of this.

However what I had forgotten is that Cairns rocked up at former swanky boys school that I, Lady Lainey used to work at to see his friend and former NZ under 21 captain who worked with us.

Yes indeedy Lady Lainey got to rub shoulders with quite a few in her time there, but the sportsman who was her little crush was none other than Hockey 'penalty corner' hero Calum Giles........................now that has brightened a very dark and dull morning.

Right off to go and get myself sorted for the day ahead.

Until tomorrow.

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