Thursday, 17 December 2015

Busy lady

Well I was a super busy lady, last evening, I decided to whip up another batch of my secret recipe fruitcake, and also sort out lunch and dinner for today too.

I also iced some of the cakes that I had made previously. These are going out as gifts  so they had to be done properly and then I had to wrap them!

The house was smelling divine and I even managed to get the stairs hoovered which is a job in itself as I do still struggle as my elbow is still not back to normal ( what ever normal is).

I am feeling jolly proud of myself today having managed to do some more  'little jobs' and ticking them off my list.

I have also been shortlisting the dresses for the super posh works do in 'Larndan' and I am so far down to 6!!! You just know that this time tomorrow morning I will be in a state of panic.

Over in the warm up match in South Africa, Alex Hales is not flavour of the month with the British hacks who are slating him for only scoring 8. But with Cook and Root hardly weighing down the scoreboard I would say it's not a disaster.

Broad took 3-18 so I am now waiting for the reports of 'side strain', or hamstring problem, or back problem which we know will materialise very soon.

we will see what today brings.

Lots of excitement on Twitter in the build up to the BBL, I for one am super excited, I am now part of 'The Blue crew' and will be glued to the coverage in the morning as I head off on the train.

In other cricket news County officials  could push to change the disciplinary process after Craig Overton received a (very) lenient ban after abusing Zaidi on the field.
Senior officials at Yorkshire met on Tuesday morning to discuss this as they were not happy about the ban that captain Gale had received at the end of 2014 compared to Overtons. They are keen to see a change.
I think that they had been reading my blog!!!! as I stated this on Monday.
I bet they all had copies of Mondays tome stashed in their files!!!
If the Yorkshire board need any help I am always available!!!

Joking aside, I do believe that there should be a standardised disciplinary procedure.

Woooooooooooo there this is getting far to serious for a Thursday morning!!!

And so I head off for another day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office where I will  be busy filing my nails and having at least one nap!

Until tomorrow.

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