Thursday, 10 December 2015

It's been a cricket night!

yes indeedy doody, it has been a full on cricket night as I have been listening to coverage of Australia v West Indies, we are now less than an hour before close of play and my Aussie boys are not doing too badly, currently standing at 404-3.

It is a great score but also shows that the West Indian team are not back on form, lots of trouble in the ranks still I think!

At least they have coach Phil back!

In Australia, Adelaide Strikers ( Go Strikers), have announced that they have signed Mahela Jayawardene for their BBL season.
Its all going on over there.and just over a week until their first game....................there is excitement mounting here in the Chateau ( or Abode de Adelaide as it may well be renamed for a short time).

There is excitement mounting in Super swanky Lady Lainey office as Trill Boy continues to bore me stiff with his constant prattling about 'so looking forward to his soup starter on Friday'. Obviously he doesn't get out much!!!!!
The non stop conversation is how many pints they can consume, yes really 3  40year old men still behaving like 15 year olds!!!!

The arrangements have now been made for the collecting of everyone although I can only imagine the state of them when they are going home, I will by that time be snuggled up with Zena Warrior Rottweiler and watching TV.

There is major trouble afoot at the office as work on the job overseas ( well Jersey) hits a crisis as the estimator had not figured in cost of transport to the island. I am considering putting myself forward to train to do estimating ( I do every flipping thing else) as I am sure I could do a better job!

I have quite a lot to do this morning before I head off down the A1 so I am signing off and apologise for the shortness this morning.

Busy busy.

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