Monday, 7 December 2015

It's Monday again

Where does the weekend go, I get in the Lady Lainey limo and wend my weary way home on Friday evenings and in the blink of an eye it is Monday and I am wending my way back to Super swanky Lady lainey office!!!

I was indeed very busy yesterday, I put up the new Xmas curtains in the sitting room ( cricket ball red of course). Then I finished the Christmas tree ( decorated in cricket balls and mini jumpers) and  found time to go for a walk as the wind and rain had stopped.

N ow I am showered and hair washed and getting myself ready to  spend the day napping and filing my nails, and probably losing my temper with office boys, but that is just 'normal'.

I dare not go and put on the cricket this morning as yesterday I nearly fell asleep watching it.  I would never have thought that I would say Abraham Benjamin and paint drying in the same sentence!
72 runs came off 72 overs and to be honest I am surprised that the batsmen didn't have cramp from standing in the same position for ages.

I appreciate that they are hoping to play for a draw but it was painful to watch. even AB's smile did little to stop my eyelids from closing!

I have a super busy week ahead with lots going on.
I have some more junk treasures to put on ebay as I am ever hopeful of getting rid of some more things that are cluttering up the Chateau.
I seem to open a cupboard and be confronted by things that I no longer need, I seem to be needing less and less these days.

What I do need though is an electrician and a gas fitter and once I find them I will have plenty of little jobs for them to do! including fitting my new fire!

I have just checked the score and AB is now on 26 with Faf on 2...............................paint drying!!!!

So I am off to package up some things for the post and hope that tomorrow I have lots of crickety news for you or I will have to start making it would probably be a lot more interesting than the Ind v SA test I can tell you!

Until tomorrow, have a great Monday

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