Saturday, 19 December 2015

Lots to do with .............a headache!!

OMG!!!! I have one stinker of  a hangover and I am surprised to find that I made it home from London and did not wake up in The Ritz, which I passed twice on my way in and out of Pall Mall.

yes it was the works annual bash in super swanky club in London.

However it did not start well as our train was delayed for Darlo for 45 minutes which meant that I was missing important cricket coverage as we were loitering in the cafe ( the Internet connection was so bad that I couldn't even read emails!)

A bottle of Prosecco on the train put us in a good mood for the run from Green Park to Pall Mall. I suddenly realised how very much I miss my old home. The run down St James left Pony Paul gasping as we passed the 'Yacht shops' . Yes you go in and buy your boat!, However we decided that maybe we would give it a miss.

Seeing everyone from HQ was great and in no time at all  I was running back to Green Park to get the train home, which needless to say did not go smoothly, but resulted in me being bumped up to 1st class and plied with more wine.
poor Franny collected me at the station and had to pour me out of the car at Chateau de Champions.

And talking champions................back to the cricket. it was the first match for the Adelaide Strikers ( Go Strikers). I was trying to keep up with the score on the train ( difficult when trying to quaff your fizz).

Gillespie the gallant being in charge and Adil Rashid adding a bit of extra Yorkshireness and taking 2-27 in his four overs.  including the wicket of his team mate the wonderful Glenn Maxwell,great bowling.
Captain Brad Hogg showed that age has nothing to do with your cricketing ability as he hit 56 from 41 balls.

Needless to say there was a huge amount of smiling as The Strikers won and  one in the eye for 'He who must not be named in the blog' as he went for 22. That made me very smiley indeed.

And today, well I have a trip to the sorting office, then the Landscaper is coming to give me a price on paving slabs and I have pressie wrapping to do and.........................well first I think I need to go and take some tablets to try to clear my thumping head, before reclining on the chaise longue to watch yesterdays action.

I love cricket......................I don't love hangovers!!!!

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