Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mid week and no motivation

This is I, Lady Lainey this morning, I have no motivation at all, any get up and go I had, has got up and gone!
I am hoping that it comes back before I head off to swanky works Xmas do  'darn sarf' on Friday. The way I feel today, I doubt that very much.
The only thing that is keeping me going is knowing that this time next week I will be fast asleep in Lady Lainey 'lit' or maybe reading a book because I will be on my holibobs!!!

However there is a lot to do before then!!

England were playing a warm up match yesterday and there were some high scores notably from James Taylor and Ben Stokes ( who has already been haled the hero of the series................which hasn't started yet).

It was also announced that Jonny Bairstow has signed a contract with Yorkshire taking him to 2018. This is super great news and now I just need to know that we will have His Royal Ryanness until end of season 2017 and everything will be hunky dory ( except if some other country or county tries to poach Gillespie the Gallant and then there will be hell to pay).

There is a little bit of trouble with South Africa and match fixing I am sad to say, as they charged someone yesterday over fixing T20 matches.

I am not too concerned re the England matches as most of our team are renowned for being crocked  and so South Africa could win on  the fact that they have more fit men.....................................AND before Mr Funky and Pauly Paul start getting their Y Fronts in a twist over my 'England bashing', as I say all the time its my blog and I write what I want, I write what I have seen previously ( Steve Finn having a nice hol in Australia last winter courtesy of the ECB! ).

I do love cricket, all cricket, I do love the whole ethos of Australian cricket. I dislike the need in English cricket to hang onto players until they are way past their sell by date ( Bell for one).  I love  the West Indians with their laid back cricket attitude.

I love cricket, whether it is club, county or international.

You can never doubt my love of the game, any game.

Right I am off to play a game of a completely different kind.........................beat the  office boy!!!!

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